On the diversity and unity of design art

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On the diversity and unity of design art

design, in English, is "open ended", so its imagination, fantasy and space are broad and profound, from which many things can be created to form diversified characteristics. Of course, this diversification needs to be unified and coordinated with the development of society, which is the real design art

1. The abundance and superposition of design thinking

the definition of moral design determines its sensibility and materiality. While creating product functions, people also give it a certain form. And form can show a certain character, just as it has vitality. When design makes the product feel "beautiful" in appearance, texture and touch, or makes the product have "human touch", it is called perceptual design. In other words, the designed products should not only have clear functions and reasonable materials, but also have the form of products like the inner charm of life in nature. In industrial society, design is an activity centered on meeting human "material desires" and "consumerism". "Materiality" expresses people's lifestyle and content. The author has what American friends call the basic aspects. The so-called "artistry" and "spirituality" of products are attached to the materiality of products. Materiality is something that is clearly in front of us, but can be explained and expressed by us. The transformation of material civilization in industrial society to non-material civilization in post industrial society will be the general trend of design development in the new century, and the key to promoting this transformation is information technology. That is to say, design not only studies the world with its own methods, but also studies the impact of science and technology on the environment and human way of life

secondly, personality is the driving force of art design, and the real personality needs wisdom to support. Design works should reflect its function of conveying information and effectively reflect the designer's design ideas, which is the emergence of design style and personality. Personality cultivation is a process of accumulation, which can promote the development of personality, and the development of personality can enrich their own personality accumulation day by day. In artistic creation, how to grasp the balance lever between rationality and sensibility is an eternal theme. As a contemporary graphic designer, the first thing is to cultivate their own sense of design. That is, the ability to grasp the design form. There are many commonalities between art categories. By analogy is one of the important ways to learn the art of design. The most significant thing is to enhance sensory power. Then, Philips, OSRAM and Ge, the three major lighting companies in the world, have all produced energy-saving lamps in China and put the design back on the track of rationality. This cyclic process will improve and sublimate their understanding of design, reaching the realm of "starting with the inside, and surpassing the outside"

third, the design is closely related to the most fashionable company in the contemporary era. The company will need at least 45000 pounds of rice husk in the first year, which makes the designer's sensitivity to the changes of surrounding things particularly important. Its sensitivity depends on the learning and acceptance of designers. The cultivation of this ability not only contains certain talent elements, but also depends on the cultivation and comprehensive quality of the designer himself. This shows the perception of art and the driving force of design. For design, a comprehensive way of thinking is the only way to master the essence of design

2. The forward trend of design art

the development of things has certain laws and materiality, and design art is no exception, although design is a thinking labor between material and non-material. But social humanities, economic development, new technology and media will affect the design. Looking at the development trend of graphic design, the future development of design is more scientific, convenient and faster; More humane and natural; More quality, more exciting human soul. Truly committed to the improvement of quality; Adhere to the social mission and corporate philosophy of goodness and morality. Consider environmental protection and save energy; Towards the design direction that simple signal changes for one cycle, sincerity and equal emphasis on content; Pay attention to the effectiveness of strategies and design objectives. The development of Chinese economy has promoted the progress of design. Design interacts with economy and commerce. The prosperity of Commerce highlights the competition of design. Design is also the need of civilized society for high-quality quality life. As a combination of technology and art, design can better reflect the diversity of modern culture and human nature. With the advent of knowledge economy, economic diversification and market development, Chinese society and economy have given new opportunities and challenges to emerging industries. As a knowledge-based service industry and a new interdisciplinary, design industry plays an important role in enterprise competition

3. Environmental awareness of design concept

green design stems from people's reflection on the environmental and ecological damage caused by modern technology and culture, and reflects the return of designers' morality and sociality. Modern economy and technology have caused the excessive commercialization of design in society, and design has become an important medium to encourage people to consume without restraint. Due to the extreme performance of this phenomenon, it has attracted many criticisms and censures, and designers have to rethink the responsibility and role of design. Green design focuses on the ecological balance between man and nature. Environmental benefits are fully considered in every decision-making in the design process to minimize the damage to the environment. Of course, it is not easy to achieve the balance between comfortable life and resource consumption, as well as the balance between short-term economic interests and long-term environmental protection goals. This requires not only the conscious awareness of environmental protection of consumers, the efforts of designers, but also the promotion of laws and regulations by the government

any kind of art pays attention to its coordination and balance. When the external, internal and peripheral relations are coordinated to the limit, the work will reach perfection. When viewing Chinese traditional calligraphy works, we should first pay attention to its composition and charm, rather than the beauty of individual words and sentences, which is the reason. In the design field of contemporary society, people and environment have always been the concern of designers. How to better reflect the diversity, unity and coordination of design, people and environment has become the main topic of contemporary design. (from "packaging engineering", Du Wengang, Yang Yanping)

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