The hottest Korean cabbage in Seoul will be packed

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Seoul, South Korea, will bring packaging to the wholesale market next year

Seoul, South Korea, will not allow unpacked cabbages to appear in the wholesale market from next year, which has been opposed by distributors

due to the recent excessive garbage in kaluodong market and Jiangxi wholesale market, Seoul agricultural and aquatic products commune said that they were actively discussing the draft of banning the listing of unpackaged cabbage next year. In April next year, only packaged cabbage can enter this market, while models below 10kN are some of the wholesale markets most commonly used in plastics. In this regard, distributors said that it would be very infeasible to require cabbage to be packaged and listed just because of the garbage problem

the relevant departments do not agree with the statements of the distributors. They believe that product packaging is an issue that must be mentioned, and the government also supports it very much. Nevertheless, it is expected that the implementation of the requirement of banning the market of unpackaged cabbage will not be smooth

source of information: if there is a scratch in China, use a fine oilstone to smooth the food industry

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