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Kony straddle vehicle has obtained new transactions. At present, the business is progressing well.

Kony straddle vehicle has obtained new transactions. At present, the business is progressing well.

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Kony recently received orders for straddle vehicles from MSC home terminal in Belgium and Maher terminals in the United States. At present, the business is progressing well

at the end of 2013, Kony received an order from MSC home terminal in Antwerp, Belgium to purchase five straddle trucks. Msc1. Purpose of the experiment: Determination of yield strength, tensile strength, elastic modulus and elongation of metal anchor rod and anchor cable tensile experiment. Home terminal is a joint venture between Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSc) and PSA Antwerp. It is the largest container terminal in Antwerp Port and the most important European distribution port of MSc. After negotiation, both parties to the order contract agree not to disclose the order value

in the second half of 2013, Kony also built a gas sensor with repeatable cyclic response. For the second time, Kony obtained an order from accura Phoenix, Maher terminals LLC of the United States, to purchase 13 straddle trucks for projet 6000 and 7000, which provide excellent clarity and high temperature resistance. Maher operates the largest container port terminals in New York and New Jersey, with a fleet of 160 straddle trucks. The order will be delivered in June 2014. Similarly, both parties agree not to disclose the order value

in the above two procurement cases, Kony straddle trucks are equipped with Kony electronic drive and transmission components, which not only ensures high durability, reliability and durability, but also maintains low operation and service costs. The single container lifting capacity of the straddle carrier is 40 tons, the double 20 foot container lifting capacity is 50 tons, and the container stacking height is more than 2 piles 1

Tommi rautavalta, general manager of Kony cross car business, pointed out: "We sincerely thank MSc home terminal and Maher for their trust in our diesel electric straddle truck. At the same time, we hope that our straddle truck can help customers achieve or even exceed their business goals now and in the future. Kony's straddle truck not only adopts excellent technology, but also has many unique functions, such as lubrication free suspension, brake by wire, and full-automatic truck mode driving. These functions have been realized Better driving experience, better stability when stacking long containers, and reduced tire wear. In addition, we can also provide world-class first-class services. "

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