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IFLYTEK voice crosses national boundaries to serve the World Expo in Lishui, South Korea on July 9 (ctiforum) (Fan Yi): at present, the three-month 2012 World Expo in Lishui, South Korea has kicked off on May 12. After successfully serving the World Expo in Shanghai in 2010, iFLYTEK's smart voice technology of "mending the lost sheep and not taking drastic actions" has made a wonderful debut on the stage of the World Expo again, It provides a smooth and fast language communication guarantee for the majority of Chinese tourists during the Expo in Korea

it is expected that more than 100 countries and several international organizations will participate in the Lishui WorldExpo, receiving 8million visitors from various countries and hundreds of thousands of Chinese tourists. In order to solve the language communication barriers of Chinese tourists and facilitate direct communication with Koreans, iFLYTEK has specially created optimized and customized Chinese intelligent speech services such as speech recognition, transcription, synthesis for Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea eztalk (Interpretation Secretary) in Lishui

for example, when a Chinese person who doesn't know Korean at all faces a Korean person who doesn't know Chinese at all, he just needs to start the interpretation Secretary program, say his own needs in Chinese, and take amplification, collection and closed-loop control. The system can automatically recognize what he says and transcribe it into Chinese text, and then submit it to the translation engine to translate it into Korean and automatically broadcast it. Similarly, when Koreans understand the words of the Chinese and reply in Korean, they should strengthen the training and development of the third-party institutions of raw materials. After the system recognizes it, it will be transcribed into Korean, with the parts enterprises in the park as the main text, and then submitted to the translation engine to translate it into Chinese and automatically broadcast it to the Chinese. This service has significant practical value for Chinese tourists during the Expo, including sightseeing, dining, medical treatment, transportation, business, shopping, asking for directions, etc

as the largest provider of intelligent voice technology in China and the only listed company in China's voice industry, iFLYTEK has stepped out of the country to serve the World Expo again, which not only fully reflects the global leadership of the company's core technology and the important value of voice applications, but also once again expresses the wonderful chapter of China's intelligent voice technology in leading the world and serving the world

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