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IGCC has become a major project of the eleventh five year plan. Recently, it was learned from the Ministry of science and technology that the Ministry of science and technology has listed the coal gasification based polygeneration demonstration project (IGCC) as a major project of the eleventh five year plan. What are the functional characteristics of the rotating shaft torque durability testing machine? We hope to promote the clean and efficient utilization of energy through key scientific research

it is reported that during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, this major project will mainly complete the following tasks: accelerating the pace of independent innovation of large-scale gasification technology, including new materials, which is one of the seven strategic emerging industries in China's "1025" plan, including coal water slurry gasification technology, which will complete the large-scale amplification of 1150 ~ 2000 high resilience tons per day; Break through the key technology of gas turbine, that is, adopt advanced technologies such as dilution diffusion combustion to realize the improvement and optimization of class B and class E natural gas gas turbines; Improve the industrialization demonstration of synthetic oil 3 Condition storage of tensile stripping testing machine: experimental control data and sample conditions can be made into module capacity; Promote the in-depth application of system control, integration and optimization technology

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