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Iiot will ignite the business opportunities of the fourth industrial revolution

IOT is undoubtedly the most discussed hot topic in the technology industry in the past two years. This term may still be wildly imagined in the consumer application market of tension and shear fixtures, and it seems to have some "illusory" business opportunities because the business model is just starting, but in the field of industrial applications, IOT has a clearer outline and more substantive connotation

marketsandmarkets, a market research institution, predicts that the market scale of the so-called "industrial Internet of thin (magnetization of nanoparticles also has quantum tunneling effect GS, iiot)" is expected to reach $151 billion by 2020, and the compound average annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2015 to 2020 is 8.03%; The main factors driving this market include the progress of related semiconductor and electronic technology, the development of cloud computing technology, IPv6 standardization and the policy promotion of global governments

by realizing industrial automation technology and the concept of smart factory, iiot will be the key to promoting the transformation of global manufacturing industry. Germany's "industry 4.0" - that is, the fourth industrial revolution - is one of its large-scale strategies. Other world manufacturing powers, such as the United States, China and India, also have their own strategies to use smart technology to improve manufacturing efficiency Similar measures to expand revenue scale and global influence

the hardware and technology required for the deployment of industrial IOT are actually ready. The key lies in combining these hardware and matching software suitable for different applications to achieve an integrated solution for an efficient smart factory; As the industrial IOT also includes electrical erection, a large number of data calculation, analysis and transmission, the stability, security and reliability of relevant schemes are also indispensable. In addition, standardization and a platform that allows other industry chain participants to work together will be the basis for its sustainable development

Taiwan, which has rich experience in manufacturing, it and IC industries and a complete industrial ecosystem, can be said to have unique conditions to grasp the business opportunities of the global industrial IOT first; However, traditional manufacturers who want to transform smart factories often don't know where to start because they are not familiar with it technology; It operators who are interested in entering the field of industrial IOT to provide relevant services need to find the latest software and hardware technologies and market trends that can meet the needs of relevant applications; If IC manufacturers want to occupy a place in the industrial IOT market, they must start with the concept of platform to provide customers with complete solutions

the tech Taipei industrial IOT seminar to be held on December 7, especially when the demand for microfiber PU leather will increase, aims to provide an opportunity for all those who want to understand iiot, are ready to enter the field, or are looking for relevant solutions to share their experience with each other, and discuss the latest trends with experts and scholars in the industry

at the symposium, major manufacturers from the semiconductor field will introduce how to realize safe and reliable industrial IOT with advanced microcontroller (MCU) solutions; And share practical experience on how to achieve high energy efficiency and stable design for the power line and route configuration that is indispensable for the construction of industrial IOT

in addition, there are parts and components access providers to provide guidance for quickly finding industrial IOT design solutions without warping and other phenomena; Industrial computer manufacturers will more clearly describe the future and advantages of industrial IOT from the perspective of integrating software and hardware technology, cloud computing/massive data analysis, and try to promote the further development of industrial IOT with the concept of platformization and the establishment of a complete industrial ecosystem. Of course, how to ensure the safety of the industrial IOT while allowing the investment to be quickly recovered and profitable with a flexible and efficient management scheme will be an issue of interest to many people

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