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IKEA recalled 360000 ceiling lamps, and the plastic hooks of the lampshades had potential safety hazards. On April 1, it learned from Xiamen Haicang inspection and quarantine bureau that in the first quarter of this year, 3. The oil return pipe should be inserted below the oil level of the fuel tank. The Bureau has received a continuous investigation and inspection report on the return of ceiling lamps exported by a lighting company in Xiamen, which has focused on cost-effective production and advanced appearance, The reason for the return declaration is that there is a risk of falling after the installation of the product, involving three ceiling lamps hyby, lock and Rina. As the designer of the products, IKEA Sweden decided to take the initiative to recall 360000 relevant ceiling lamps worldwide

IKEA recalled 360000 ceiling lamps, and the plastic hooks of the lampshades have potential safety hazards

& you can also manually change the contact between the upper pressing plate and the surface of the sample; emsp; In this regard, Haicang Bureau staff took the initiative to contact the relevant personnel of the enterprise to carry out on-site return investigation. Through the inspection and identification of the returned goods and the report of user injury caused by the falling of the ceiling lamp received by IKEA, it was confirmed that the reason was that the plastic hook fixing the glass cover of the ceiling lamp might break, resulting in the falling of the glass cover, resulting in the risk of cutting and scratching the user

it is reported that this enterprise is the manufacturer of hyby and lock lamps, which are designed by IKEA. According to the on-site investigation of the inspection and quarantine department, the product quality problem is caused by the poor product design, and the quality is mainly in IKEA

Haicang inspection and Quarantine Bureau will continue to track the recall of the goods, urge enterprises to rectify the goods according to the relevant plan requirements, change plastic hooks into metal hooks, strengthen quality control from the source, strictly prevent problematic products from entering the domestic market, and ensure the life safety of domestic consumers

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