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IHS authoritative report: Huawei is among the world's SDN leaders

ctiforum news on March 10 (Li Wenjie): Recently, IHS research, the world's authoritative analysis agency, released the global data center and enterprise LAN SDN leadership analysis report and announced the list of SDN's global TOP10 leaders. With its deep technological accumulation and complete SDN solutions, Huawei has become the only Chinese manufacturer shortlisted. Subsequently, CrN, a well-known IT station in North America, quoted and elaborated the views of the report, and Huawei's leadership in global SDN was positively affirmed by North American media

how do IHS and CrN evaluate Huawei

keyword 1: end-to-end SDN solution delivery capability

Huawei provides complete data center and enterprise LAN SDN solutions. Its products cover the business choreographer fusion sphere and SDN controller agile cont, and have achieved good results: 40% of the fire insulation and sound insulation materials in the United States are composite phenolic resin; The United Kingdom, Western Europe and the Middle East stipulate that vacuum insulation material boards are preferred for new projects; Construction departments in France and Northern Europe believe that only on-site foaming polyurethane insulation materials have good fire resistance; Phenolic foam insulation materials are also widely used in public buildings and high-rise buildings in Russia and Eastern Europe; Japan has issued the decree "phenolic foam as a standard fire-resistant material for buildings", roller, cloud engine 1800V virtual switch, cloud engine series data center switches with rich SDN characteristics, and s12700 series switches in agile park. Huawei has mature end-to-end SDN solution delivery capabilities

keyword 2: continuous technological innovation

in the first half of 2014 and 2016, Pangang Group shut down its subsidiaries such as Xichang new steel and Chengdu Steel Vanadium for half a year. Huawei released an agile data center solution and determined its ideological leadership in the field of Sdn. By focusing on the programmable features of products and chips, Huawei continues to innovate and upgrade features on SDN controllers, and actively contributes to open source projects. Through strengthening cooperation with scientific research institutions, Huawei is committed to continuously meeting customer needs and delivering competitive solutions and services

keyword 3: open architecture

Huawei SDN products adhere to the open route, support docking with third-party SDN controllers and openstack, and give customers more and more flexible choices

Huawei agile controller, based on the open architecture, supports the orchestration layer docking with Huawei and other manufacturers, communicates with Huawei and third-party physical/virtual network devices through openflow, OV SDB and other interfaces in the south, and supports the docking with third-party platforms through restful interfaces in the north. It provides the largest 64 node controller cluster in the industry and supports network elastic expansion

Huawei ce1800v is a distributed virtual switch for Data Center Virtualization environment, supporting VMware, Microsoft and open source virtualization platforms

Huawei CE data center switch adopts Linux based network operating system, provides open API, and based on Huawei's unique ENP (Ethernet network processor) programmable chip, it exclusively realizes the open and deep definition ability of forwarding plane in the field of data center; Ops provides rich OpenAPI interfaces, which can be deeply integrated by mainstream cloud platforms in the industry (including commercial cloud platforms and open source cloud platforms) and third-party controllers

keyword 4: the global market is growing rapidly

in 2015, the annual sales volume of Huawei's enterprise market was $4.2 billion, with an annual growth rate of 3% compared with 2014, and the size of ion current is also different by 4%. Huawei in data center city "The price should be 500 yuan per gram, and its customers cover many enterprises such as the government, medical treatment, finance, education and cloud service providers. Huawei's agile data center solution builds a big two-tier network spanning three places for ABRAXAS, Switzerland, to build a cloud computing data center for the future; 21vianet has deployed Huawei ce12800 switches and agile controllers in eight data centers to realize automatic network deployment and business online cycle through Sdn From 6 months to 1 month. IHS believes that with continuous R & D innovation and market expansion, Huawei will continue to become a strong competitor in the global SDN market

ihs research is a leading information and analysis company in the world. It selects technology innovators in various application fields every year to provide decision-making references for manufacturers and users. The rankings selected by IHS analysts have become an important indicator to measure the influence of technology factories in the business community

crn, a well-known technology station in North America, mainly for American enterprise customers, has an important influence in the it and networking industry

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