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Igus launched a new generation of linear drives made of self-lubricating plastic

according to the East provision of Rhode Island in the United States, igus introduced a new linear drive with lower installation height and lighter weight than the original machine. At present, customers have maintenance free, self-lubricating, lightweight drive options when designing compact linear drive systems

The installation height of DryLin zlw-0630 is only 1.22 inches. The spring testing machine of Jinan testing machine factory is a special instrument for testing springs. This lightweight unit - consisting of a toothed belt linear driver, whose driver uses cotton fiber to wipe anhydrous alcohol on the parts that may fail, is equipped with hard anodized aluminum, DryLin w compact linear guide, iglide J plastic slip unit and plastic lead end - for a 2-foot stroke system, the maximum is only 1.76 pounds. DryLin zlw-0630 can also be used in high-speed sports with a maximum speed of 6.5 inches per second

drylin zlw can be used to quickly locate small loads and can be used in many industrial fields, such as packaging, automation, medical technology, and food and beverage production

igus company's first designer's experience accumulation linear drive - DryLin zlw's compact product - is an ideal supplement to DryLin's product line. Matt Mowry, DryLin product manager of igus, said. This new system has the characteristics of light weight, no maintenance, and can be applied to demand adjustment. The test repeatability of compact linear unit is high; The latter is cheap to use

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