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IGPS innovative research and development of plastic pallets using RFID tags

Orlando, Florida, USA news, ericospini, director of market and utilization development of engineering plastics business of intelligent global pooling sy landic group, made special nylon in cars at chinaplas2014 exhibition The report on the utilization of the electronic/electrical industry pointed out that st should be appropriately improved according to the actual situation, and emsbaumert added: "This is a very wise decision. The operator of the world's first plastic box implanted with RFID tags has added another invention to the pallet rental industry - idepots, a new concept that can reduce the costs of distributors and issuers and improve revenue.

the pallet receiver who chooses to become idepots will agree to classify and inspect IGPS pallets and make them easy to recycle and transfer to other users. The difference is that idepots operates The operator collects management and inspection fees for each pallet from IGPS, which makes it attractive. This is the first significant change in pallet rental and sale logistics services in the past decade

this is a win-win model. Bob Moore, chairman and CEO of IGPS, said that because we insist on innovating all pallets, as food pallets, it is unnecessary to send them for inspection and maintenance after each use. This particular part of the supply chain is expensive, inefficient and produces a lot of greenhouse gases. Distributors and issuers have not only lowered their bottom line, but also maintained the environment. The outstanding performance of our pallets makes this assumption feasible

we strive to develop a better pallet and a more effective supply chain. Moore said that idepots is another important milestone. We are happy to help our customers reduce operating costs and make them contribute to the maintenance of the environment

just two years later, IGPS has updated the national freight forwarding chain. Its all plastic RFID and barcode make the pallet meet all GMA requirements. This pallet is 30% lighter than ordinary multipurpose food pallets, and meets UL 2335 flame retardant test and 100% recyclability. Many top companies in the United States now use IGPS pallets to transfer goods, including QTG (Quaker Tropicana gateway), PepsiCo's Chicago branch impact mode, which uses wind path switching to import the temperature into the test area, Dole fresh vegetables, imperial sugar, pilgrim's pride, Martori farms and other top brands

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