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Soar to new heights | the market value of Hengli hydraulic has exceeded 100 billion

make further progress | the market value of Hengli hydraulic has exceeded 100 billion

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soared to new heights

on October 12, 2020, the market value of the company hit a new record, breaking the 100 billion mark for the first time. The stock market value of company a reached 101.218 billion yuan at the highest in the session. As of the closing, the stock price of the company was 77.05 yuan, with a market value of 100.578 billion yuan

riding the wind and waves, Hengli's performance and market value have repeatedly reached record highs. In the future, Hengli will continue to deepen its main business and improve the company's international image, so that global investors can see a new, green and sustainable Hengli, effectively form a long-term mechanism through the improvement of ESG work, promote the rapid and stable development of the company, and create an attractive enterprise in the capital market

eternal foundation, determined to increase the export unit price in the future

Hengli deep ploughing hydraulic market for 30 years, continuously strengthen the R & D investment in high-end hydraulic products and precision casting technology, change from technology introduction to independent innovation, and the production scale and R & D technology level rank among the top in the world. Our goal is to provide more energy-efficient solutions in a wide range of markets and work with customers to achieve global sustainable development

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