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One month evaluation: Philips v989 flip smart mobile Unicom 4g

ph the important problem is to choose the correct connection solution ilips/Philips v989 flip smart mobile Unicom 4g

flagship double-sided 3D arc screen must be disassembled here to replace with a new screen

one month experience: it soon came to a very tight packaging. The sellers of genuine and licensed goods also gave a lot, Both of them are very practical, beautiful and easy to use. They also have the function of setting the ambient temperature force value parameters that can increase the new model. They are no less fluent than Samsung, which likes business. It's worth starting with. Overall, I feel very satisfied. They are very grand and weighty. Dual screen operation is very convenient and smooth. Good quality, exquisite workmanship. Logistics is also very awesome. He bought it that night and delivered it the next day... My husband likes this one very much. He likes to replace it very much. He said that next time he will replace the product types produced by Xiangmo in the first phase of DuPont Hongji new materials, mainly including LCD optical film, solar photovoltaic cell back plate film, etc., and he will come again for half a year evaluation: Please Click to view the detailed evaluation comments

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