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More than a thousand Lovol Valley God crawlers set out with "Tianzhong Maike"

more than a thousand Lovol Valley God crawlers set out with "Tianzhong Maike"

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on a wide and straight road, trucks carrying Lovol Valley God crawlers were lined up neatly, and the cross regional drivers were ready to go, forming a beautiful landscape. This magnificent scene is exactly the wonderful scene of the "r-large radius 25 people 2 days of wheat" cross region expedition in 2021

it is the right time to set sail and fight against the waves, and head high into a new journey. On April 19, hosted by Zhumadian Agricultural Machinery Bureau and undertaken by Weichai Lovol heavy industry, the "2021 Tianzhong Maike agricultural machinery cross region operation expedition ceremony" has been successfully held for several sessions in Runan County, Zhumadian, Henan Province, such as the plastic technology series forum, coating series technology forum, personal care product technology seminar, functional food technology forum, etc. More than 1000 people, including relevant leaders of Zhumadian Municipal government, Zhumadian Municipal Bureau of agricultural machinery, Runan County Party committee, county government and Runan County Bureau of agricultural machinery, relevant leaders of Weichai Lovol heavy industry and cross district users, attended the event. They gathered here with many multimedia friends and audiences to jointly witness the harvest road of "Tianzhong Maike" in 2021

in recent years, the scale of agricultural machinery trans regional operation in Zhumadian has expanded year by year, and "Tianzhong Maike" is well-known all over the country. Agricultural machinery trans regional operation has become a highlight of local agricultural mechanization work and another effective way for farmers to increase their income. In late April every year, "Tianzhong Maike" starts from Guangdong, Yunnan, Sichuan and other southern provinces, then gallops across the Central Plains, and then heads straight to the black land in the northeast, successively harvesting rape, wheat and rice, covering more than 20 provinces and cities across the country

it is noteworthy that Lovol Ceres series harvesters have won the trust of cross regional users and become the best "partner" of cross regional users with their high efficiency, high income and good service. It is reported that since late April, more than 1000 Lovol Ceres Crawler machines have successively set out with "Tianzhong Maike". In particular, Lovol Valley rg60 cross region crawler, with its new configuration, optimization and upgrading, comfortable driving and high operation efficiency, has become a new weapon for Tianzhong Maike to harvest the whole country

"this is the third Lovol Valley God crawler machine I use. There is no choice in quality and service. Similarly, when I go to the ground, my car is fast and the collection is good. Customers are willing to ask me to collect it, and they just recognize it. Our village now uses it. Now, without Lovol Valley God, I can't enter my 'circle of friends'. We don't take him with us in the team. The efficiency is too poor, and the team is not cost-effective." Mr. Ren, a cross regional pilot who participated in the expedition ceremony, said

it is understood that Weichai Lovol heavy industries has made corresponding service upgrades for crawlers in order to comprehensively ensure the smooth transfer of cross regional aircraft collection teams and continuously improve customer satisfaction. Not only have 25 Lovol service vehicles and 21 Lovol service parts supply vehicles been specially arranged to set out with the trans regional aircraft collection team, but also 159 temporary parts warehouses have been set up along the trans regional line. Since then, the friction force will increase with the growth of time; 5.3zui large working vibration amplitude from Yunnan, Sichuan and Hubei to Shandong, Hebei and Heilong: 15mm (theoretical value); Jiang, as long as the cross regional aircraft collection team passes by, you can enjoy the whole process service guarantee and the supply of authentic parts at the first time

"with the cross region operation certificate and the service guarantee of Weichai Lovol, this year's cross region operation will be able to return with a full load!" Users of Lovol Valley God who have received the cross region operation certificate are full of confidence in the cross region revenue this year

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