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Give "insurance" to the insurance industry: the one pigeon intelligent AI voice customer service platform helps insurance companies rebuild their core competitiveness

2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year, and 2020 is rated as the most unreasonable year by countless enterprises and people

a sudden COVID-19 has swept the world and continues to this day. A contactless economy has emerged. Business interactions between enterprises should be kept at a distance. The traditional interaction mode obviously can not let enterprises follow a template to the end. However, the insurance industry has achieved two consecutive quarters of performance growth under such difficult conditions, thanks to the wide application of digital technology

for the insurance industry, this is a new insurance era in which technology is everywhere. "Technology empowerment" has become a key word for the development of the insurance industry. The application of science and technology is intervening in and reshaping the whole industry chain of insurance business. The new generation of information technology represented by artificial intelligence is changing the traditional business model and service mode of insurance, and will further promote the upgrading of insurance industrial structure and create a new business form of insurance science and technology services

the connection between Yige technology and the insurance industry is not only the general trend of market development, but also an active practice of Yige technology for its own system. As a technology driven manufacturer focusing on segmented industries and focusing on the R & D and production of intelligent AI voice customer service platform, based on comprehensive and systematic Research on the insurance market, The International Symposium on advanced molding and material processing technology of Yige Technology (hereinafter referred to as the annual conference of the society) is an international annual academic conference jointly sponsored by Taiwan Zhongyuan University, Hong Kong University of science and technology, Zhengzhou University and other units to provide the landing application of intelligent customer service for the insurance industry

as we all know, in the Internet era, service is one of the interactive scenarios in which users focus on the middle and low end of exports to developed countries, and users prefer the fragmented, customized and efficient consulting customer service model. Yige technology is committed to applying its mature AI technology achievements to the insurance industry services. Through the ai+ mode, it will replace the traditional manual work to a certain extent, change various business links such as insurance marketing, underwriting, underwriting, claim verification and customer service, streamline processes in the business scenarios that focus on human resources, reduce risks such as adverse selection and malicious insurance, make the claim verification and claim settlement services more convenient and transparent, and greatly avoid artificial adjustment intervention, Realize the cost reduction and efficiency increase of insurance companies, and bring the ultimate user experience

one pigeon product system

the ai+ insurance intelligent voice customer service platform developed by one pigeon is based on natural language understanding, audio processing, near-field voice recognition, call platform and other technologies. Robots with different tasks are configured according to different business scenarios

[intelligent AI voice service platform]

Yige intelligent AI voice service platform opens a new channel of intelligent interaction for the insurance industry, Provide insurance companies with full scene empowerment of customer service call in robots and return call out robots

[intelligent AI voice business communication assistant]

one pigeon intelligent AI voice business communication assistant innovates the office and interactive experience of insurance brokers, salespeople and other field personnel based on the end device AI voice notification and interaction

[intelligent agent assistance]

runs through the knowledge map of the entire insurance system, providing functions such as real-time translation, process navigation, script recommendation, knowledge point prompt, etc. to assist call center agents, improve the professionalism of employees, enhance the user experience in the interaction process, and help insurance companies create gold medal services

[intelligent voice quality inspection]

quickly locate the illegal recording, realize the automatic scoring of the machine according to the quality inspection template, reduce the human differences, and achieve 100% full coverage clamping force, and then reduce the quality inspection

coverage scenarios and landing applications

the one pigeon intelligent AI voice customer service platform has penetrated into the entire pre-sales, sales, and after-sales links of insurance companies. The platform meets the needs of enterprise customer service, voice notification interaction and other scenarios

at present, Yige technology has successfully set up business scenarios in the insurance service field, such as policy query, auto insurance report, auto insurance renewal, Dunning and withholding, report notice, internal loss determination reminder, internal work order reminder, etc., to help insurance enterprises realize multi-directional intelligent guidance in business handling

five features

professional advantages

1- full scene application implementation

compared with outgoing robots, incoming robots have many difficulties in technology and construction due to the decentralized and open intention of incoming scenes. With mature full scene project cases and construction experience, Yige technology can realize rapid replication and help insurance companies realize the landing application of full scene services

2- speech recognition rate

the recognition rate in speech recognition (ASR) application scenarios is as high as 90%, reaching the leading level in the industry

3- independent research and development

independent research and development of DNN (deep neural network training) and NLP (natural speech processing) engine technology

4- autonomous learning

autonomous learning, continuous self-improvement, silent seat mode and fast training

Yige technology will continue to make efforts to help insurance companies break the threshold of enterprise development, continuously improve service levels, and bring more possibilities for the development of the insurance industry

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