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Breaking the seal without authorization, the boss of a printing factory in Zhejiang was administratively detained for 5 days

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core tip: Recently, Zhang, the boss of the first printing factory in Jinxiang Town, Cangnan County, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, was transferred to the public security organ for administrative detention for 5 days due to ignoring environmental protection law enforcement and tearing the seal without authorization

the printing plant was sealed up

on July 9, the law enforcement officers of Cangnan branch of Wenzhou Ecological Environment Bureau found during inspection in a printing plant in Huli village, Jinxiang Town, Cangnan county that the printing plant produced volatile organic waste gas during production, but no closed space was set for the coating machine, and no waste gas treatment facilities were installed. The feeding and gluing process of the coating machine were directly operated in an open manner, and the waste gas was directly discharged into the external environment

law enforcement officials ordered to stop production immediately. Cutting off the power supply of production equipment would lead to faulty power supply of electrical appliances. At the same time, it shall be sealed up according to the provisions of the environmental protection law of the people's Republic of China. A seal printed with the words "Wenzhou Ecological Environment Bureau" shall be pasted on the distribution box of the coater, and the owner shall be clearly informed not to damage the seal without authorization and resume production without permission, otherwise relevant laws will be investigated

the boss tore the seal without authorization

on July 14, when the law enforcement personnel conducted the post inspection, they found that the printing factory had connected power privately, and the production equipment was running. However, the seals of the ecological environment department that were originally pasted on the distribution box should always pay attention to external leakage, pollutants, damage to components and abnormal noise from pumps, couplings, etc. had been torn in two and discarded

according to the relevant person in charge of the Environmental Supervision Brigade of Cangnan branch: "a while ago, we did not make rectification in place during the seizure, nor did we apply to the environmental protection department for unsealing. We did not follow the due process and tore up the seal privately to resume production. We handed it over to the public security department according to the law enforcement hindrance."

in case of looseness

the owner of the printing plant was administratively detained for 5 days

in the County Detention Center, the owner of the printing plant regretted the act of tearing the seal without authorization: "because a batch of goods was in a hurry, he wanted to finish the rest of the materials, but he didn't expect to come for inspection. This illegal cost is very high, and the gains outweigh the losses."

at present, the case has been transferred to the public security organ. The party has confessed to the illegal act suspected of obstructing environmental law enforcement. The Public Security Bureau of Cangnan County has detained the party for 5 days

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