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First line Lenovo business: Lenovo's sales growth bucks the trend and hopes to break out again in the next twoorthree years.

] Chang Cheng, vice president of Lenovo Group and head of mobile business in China, said that in the near future, we will comprehensively defeat Xiaomi and glory at the 2000 price segment

On October 18, Lenovo released three AI four camera products in Beijing, including Lenovo S5 pro, Lenovo K5 pro and Lenovo k5s, as well as new products such as Lenovo watch s trend mechanical smart watch and Lenovo watch C Xiaole children's watch

Lenovo S5 pro, which is equipped with 20million pixel AI four camera and started at 6gb+64gb, starts from RMB 1298, and Lenovo K5 pro, which is a 16million pixel AI four camera "thousand yuan movie blockbuster", starts from RMB 998; The 13million pixel AI four camera Lenovo k5s costs 798 yuan

Chang Cheng, vice president of Lenovo Group and head of mobile business in China, said in a dialogue with Tencent frontline that Lenovo has completed the layout of 1000 yuan machines this time. In China, users should feel that it is the only choice to buy Lenovo for 1000 yuan machines

Chang Cheng also said that before this press conference, Lenovo held a press conference in India on Tuesday. Lenovo also wants to return to India with a strong hand. The most important opponent is Xiaomi

"up to now, we have grasped the technology we want. In the near future, we will defeat Xiaomi and glory in the 2000 price range." Chang Cheng said

Chang Cheng revealed that in August this year, the Chinese market as a whole fell by 13% year-on-year, but Lenovo achieved a contrarian growth, an increase of 23% over the same period last year. However, at present, Lenovo is still in the stage of raising seeds. Lenovo hopes to provide the best service for these seed users. "Maybe 2019, maybe 2020, maybe some time in 2021, we will seize an opportunity to break out, and we will return to the road."

Chang Cheng said that Lenovo's product strategy in the future will still be few but precise. However, why do we send so many products this week? We still hope to use products to constantly strengthen user awareness. Once this point is strengthened, it will enter the market with greater opportunities

the following is part of the actual record of Chang Cheng's Q & A:

question: now the overall situation of the whole industry has basically been decided. Several companies such as oligarch Huawei and Xiaomi occupy at least 80% of the market share. What strategies does Lenovo have in terms of channels to return to the top five or top ten shares

routine: according to the market data, the share of the top five companies may reach 92% in terms of sales volume in August, and 92% of them come from these five companies. But just as we associate, we believe that opportunities coexist

let me give you a few examples. In China's past smart market, first, it is difficult to have a lasting one. You can think of Nokia, Samsung and Huawei. Because the consumption tastes of Chinese people are very difficult to figure out, there are still variables in terms of demand

second, technically, many companies may call 5g by the end of this year, but I think it is really possible except moto. 5g in other countries is more of a gimmick. 5g will be truly popularized by 2020, but technically 5g will bring new changes in the past two years. Therefore, there will be satisfactory results from the technical side, and a factor is changing

third, channels. In fact, I spent a long time in 11 provinces in China before the launch. After the press conference, I may go to another 11 provinces. In fact, from the perspective of channels, they do not like oligarchy. You can imagine that if Apple is very strong, the channels will actually be subject to it. Therefore, from the perspective of channels, they like a certain measure of diversity, not always these brands

from several aspects, it is an opportunity for Lenovo. We are more focused on the Lenovo brand, because we need to quickly increase the popularity, because the user's perception will be relatively weak before, so we hope that at the user level, we will keep in touch with Lenovo and the products behind the S5 Pro. We hope that the user end will have more such information

question: you said that Lenovo will make users feel that Lenovo is the only choice in China at the price of 1000 yuan. In the future, at the price of 2000 yuan, it will defeat Xiaomi and glory in an all-round way. How do we do this? Do we have a phased strategic plan

routine: our first step strategy is to provide products to different users in the 1000 yuan file through these three products. I think in the 2000 price segment, I think the route is the same, and it is still done through products, so today's press conference also said that, maybe in the subsequent press conferences, I will also say that Lenovo is really serious, so in the 2000 price segment, I think the method is the same. We will return to that kind of users and their needs, and we will interpret this demand. How can we provide different solutions, How can we provide a better solution than Xiaomi, glory and all the best people we can see on the market now

so it will be very fast. You can see our second wave of attack, the third wave of attack, and so on

question: what kind of strategy will we adopt in the price side layout of the 1000 yuan model, and how many models will we launch

routine: we will not lay out according to the price segment, but we will return to the user. We will still focus on users to make products. If these user groups are large enough and their needs are explicit enough, we can read that we will not make a product for an unknown demand. This demand is very strong

however, we will spend a lot of energy on how to interpret this demand. In fact, you can see today that the S5 pro and K5 Pro I just mentioned are actually based on this price segment and different user groups

in the future, I just said that it is more serious. Maybe there will be another word in the next press conference. I think Lenovo is also very scientific. Maybe in the past years, because we have no continuous products in the market, we may not have much impression of Lenovo, but Lenovo itself is a very innovative company. We have PC related things, and we have returned to the first place

therefore, I just said that products are the most important. For products, innovation is the most important attribute of products. So at the press conference that you will see soon, you will gradually feel the words "black technology" and "cool". I'm sure you'll think about it from the next wave of products. I tell them that it's crazy to play. We'll be very crazy. I hope you like that product, because its properties may be close to yours

question: Lenovo did a good job in the Indian market in the past two years. Have you analyzed the reasons for the decline in the Indian market share, including the strong momentum of Xiaomi, what strategy will Lenovo adopt

Chang Cheng: we are thinking about whether you want to be a winner for a while or a winner for a lifetime. If you are a temporary winner, there are many fast practices. If you are a lifetime winner, you may have many slow practices. So we spent a long time thinking about this problem. We can rush to the first and the second. But first and second, how long can we last in the minds of users

there is a big difference between this trip to India and the previous trip to India. In the past, we were called the first in market share in India and China, and we were trying to grab share. This time back to India, the market share is one. We also put customer satisfaction first and brand loyalty first. We started the k5s in India this time. After the launch, it was very hot. We are still chasing the goods because they sell well there

question: how is Lenovo preparing for 5g variables? What is the progress of these domestic manufacturers

Chang Cheng: as I said just now, today's so-called 5g is all a gimmick, because the product end came to Jinan to test the gold closed machine and said that it was impossible to be ready, so it is more about people's ability to hype, saying that they have such ability. I think we have complex professional knowledge and facilities that allow us to formulate and identify 5g products. The only thing that can be launched by the end of this year is the motoz3 module, because the operators in North America are OK, and the products are OK

therefore, I think that in terms of products, people are making more technical reserves. 5g can really bring about changes. In my personal judgment, it is in 2020. There is no change in the industry in 2019. Some products may come out, and it is more likely that we are preparing for a big turn in 5g in 2020

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