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On February 11, the green development service activity of "thousands of experts go to hundreds of counties to help thousands of enterprises" in Henan Province was officially launched. Thousands of experts "free free clinics" actively came to the door, gave classified guidance, provided on-demand supply and demand, and provided accurate services to help enterprises solve environmental protection difficulties and pain points

at present, the improvement of ecological environment quality in Henan Province presents a good situation and trend. Many enterprises are also increasing investment in pollution control, striving to achieve win-win economic and environmental benefits. However, there are still many difficulties and pain points in the transformation and upgrading of enterprises and environmental governance

carrying out the green development service activity of "thousands of experts go to hundreds of counties to help thousands of enterprises" is to help enterprises develop environmental governance solutions, integrate management into services, help enterprises find problems and solve difficulties, guide enterprises to develop green development, promote positive incentives and survival of the fittest, develop more high-quality new fiber composites and Funeng technology to reach strategic cooperation enterprises, and help high-quality development. At the same time, by setting up a provincial service platform for the transformation of environmental protection scientific and technological achievements, a "volunteer team for free diagnosis of environmental problems" was formed to "check the pulse" of outstanding environmental problems in key regions, key river basins and key industrial enterprises, identify the "pain points, blockages and difficulties" of domestic manufacturers in the pollution control of market players, put forward solutions or suggestions, and provide a bridge for the connection between the supply and demand of environmental protection technologies, Provide accurate and in place environmental protection technology services for market players

it is reported that the service activity of "thousands of experts to help thousands of enterprises in hundreds of counties" was led by the Department of ecological environment of Henan Province. The provincial development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Department of science and technology, the Provincial Department of industry and information technology, the Provincial Department of human resources and social security, the Provincial Department of natural resources and other departments cooperated to help enterprises with transformation and upgrading and green development through the establishment of assistance lists, the establishment of expert teams, the formulation of service standards, and the organization of "special enterprise" pairing

Editor's note: environmental protection is in the forefront. In addition to the strict management, Henan's practice is very practical. Since environmental protection is a good thing, why are there enterprises that fail to meet the standards? The service activity of "thousands of experts go to hundreds of counties to help thousands of enterprises" has well solved the problems of enterprises that want to develop environmental protection but are subject to technology, and "suit the remedy to the case" can be effective. Among them, we should also be careful not to show off

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