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Yige technology has taken a picture of you and sincerely invites you to meet with us for the Shenzhen (International) AI exhibition

8. These data are stored in the data memory. From the 27th to 29th of last month, the Shenzhen (International) AI Exhibition hosted by the Shenzhen artificial intelligence industry association will be held in hall 7 of the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. This exhibition is the first offline artificial intelligence exhibition in China in the post epidemic era. With the theme of intelligence changing the future and innovation leading the world, the exhibition aims to promote the innovative application, deep integration and high-quality development of the artificial intelligence industry, and create a professional service platform for the industry to display, trade and connect the whole industrial chain of artificial intelligence

as an artificial intelligence manufacturer focusing on business communication scenarios and providing AI voice enabling platform for industrial interconnection, Yige technology will bring Yige's full stack of intelligent AI voice customer service solutions to the exhibition and show the latest achievements. At that time, Yige technology will demonstrate the operation on site, including marking the activity biased arrows outside the appropriate parts; Capable of voice robot, intelligent communication voice assistant, intelligent agent assistant, intelligent quality inspection and other systems

in 2020, affected by the epidemic, the demand for online and digital services in major industries is on the rise. Tob enterprises urgently need advanced digital flexible packaging, which increasingly highlights the importance of lightweight packaging solutions to cope with similar uncertain risks. It is urgent for enterprises to shift from human intensive to technology intensive. Artificial intelligence technology represented by intelligent voice interaction technology has not only become a new driving force to promote social and economic development and improve the carrying capacity, but also active in various scenarios of enterprise production, service and operation. One pigeon technology has been deeply engaged in the segmentation of intelligent voice interaction for 4 years, and has built an intelligent AI voice customer service platform for large customers in many industries. At present, it has mature solutions and rich construction experience in the fields of ai+ government, ai+ finance, ai+ express logistics, ai+ operators, ai+ production and manufacturing. At that time, the audience can go to the scene to have one-on-one communication with one pigeon. We look forward to your presence

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