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"Face" is more important than "lining". Auman heavy truck has won many awards

face "is more important than" lining ". Auman heavy truck has won many awards

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Guide: Chinese people want face and lining. With face, we are more confident. With face, we are more proud. The automatic pop-up corresponding to face shows that it has been opened. We also look at the lining and value the internal things, quality and connotation. Only the lining is good, it is really good. As a matter of fact, there are few opportunities for face and lining to coexist

Chinese people want both face and lining. With face, we are more confident. With face, we are more proud. Corresponding to face, we also look at Li Zi and value the internal things, quality and connotation. Only Li Zi is good before Li Zi is really good

in fact, there are few opportunities for face and lining to coexist. It is often that the face is good and the lining is poor, while the lining is good, the face may not be satisfactory. At the recently held "the third China International truck fuel saving competition", a face-saving heavy truck really brightened the audience's eyes

in the "Third China International truck fuel saving competition", Auman heavy truck technology won five awards in one fell swoop. Not long ago, Auman's classic model ETX won the appearance design Gold Award in the selection of the "2010 12th China Patent Award" jointly sponsored by the State Intellectual Property Office and the world intellectual property organization with its advanced design concept, fashionable appearance and good economic and social benefits, It has become the only gold award winner for traffic design

a good car needs to have a good face at least.

it has won two major awards in a month, which has a lot to do with Oman heavy truck's brand appeal of persisting in independent innovation and striving to reduce the operating cost of end users and create the most suitable model for users with more and more packaging garbage. On the one hand, the award shows that Auman products are outstanding in both appearance and performance, and can meet the needs of users to the greatest extent; On the other hand, it also shows that Auman's R & D capability has reached the leading level in the industry and has been widely recognized both inside and outside the industry

ETX, which won the Gold Award for design, is one of Auman's representative products. Because it is a milestone in the development history of world transportation technology, it has been permanently collected by Germany's schbayer science and Technology Museum. After two months' careful investigation and comparative test, the review committee of "China Patent Award" highly affirmed ETX in many aspects, such as the degree of innovation, the leading and promoting role in the design industry, the expression of design concepts, economic and social benefits, and the effectiveness of the application and protection of intellectual property rights. It can be said that the whole vehicle design of Auman ETX has achieved a high integration of aesthetics, fuel economy and safety

etx is designed in a grand and luxurious European style. The black middle and lower air inlets on the front wall have great visual impact. The whole vehicle is majestic and stable. The fairing is streamlined and dynamic. The side reversing angle plate has a novel shape and is integrated with the whole vehicle to improve the driving speed and reduce the fuel consumption. The design takes full account of the aerodynamics principle while achieving aesthetics, effectively reducing fuel consumption

not only face, but also lining is important.

besides face, lining is the core of product performance. Auman, while promoting product platform and modular design, relies on structural optimization, application of new materials and joint core supply chain to reduce the weight of parts. Further reduce the number of parts and reduce the dead weight of parts, so that the dead weight of the whole vehicle can be fully reduced while the safety and reliability of the product are improved, so as to save fuel consumption

at the same time, Auman started with the matching technology and relied on the National Automotive Engineering Research Institute to optimize the matching of the vehicle power system. According to the different operating conditions of the vehicle, different speed ratios were selected for matching. On the basis of ensuring the power performance of the heavy truck, Auman reduced the additional fuel consumption by improving the transmission efficiency. It is with this strength that Auman won five awards

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