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"Yirende" opened the supplier window again, and the carton factory had the opportunity to catch up with the Internet + spring tide

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core tip: he worked in a listed company in Beijing for 6 years, became the youngest general manager there at the age of 28, and also gave up the opportunity to join Taobao, He also rejected the olive branch thrown out by Lei Jun... After giving up his annual salary of one million, he started his business. He lost 10million yuan in two years. He started his second business selling cartons and accumulated hundreds of millions of wealth

[China Packaging News] he worked in a listed company in Beijing for 6 years. At the age of 28, he became the youngest general manager there. He also gave up the opportunity to join Taobao and refused the olive branch offered by Lei Jun... after giving up his annual salary of one million, he lost 10million in two years and sold cartons for the second time, accumulating hundreds of millions of wealth

he is Xingkai, the founder of the most popular carton in China, who dares to subvert the tradition. The largest carton supply chain system in China is being established, and dozens of carton factories such as Sichuan Kangli group, Wuhan yadu group and Zhengzhou Huaying packaging have joined in one after another

was rejected by vipshop, SF & Fung and Xiaomi, forcing out the most humanized carton in China. At the beginning of entrepreneurship, Xing Kai also repeatedly ran into a wall because of technology and cost problems. It was these difficulties that forced him to constantly improve his products, so as to design the most popular and "humanized" torn carton in China. In 2014, Xing Kai came to Xiaomi's headquarters office. Xiaomi was deeply moved by the torn environmental protection concept, but the price of 3 yuan/piece made it very difficult to purchase. During the "negotiation", Xing Kai received a message from vipshop: "your cartons are too expensive. We won't need them if we use up 100000 of them." Unexpectedly, the cooperation has just begun, and this large order of 100million cartons, which took half a year to win, has come to naught. In desperation, Xing Kai gritted his teeth and offered Xiaomi a low price of 1.3 yuan/piece. The profit was only 3 cents, but the other party was still too expensive

the cooperation with SF and Jumei was rejected due to technical difficulties. SF requires that cartons can adapt to the climate all over the country. Once torn, the carton is pasted with double-sided adhesive tape, and it will be degummed in areas with low temperature. At that time, all China could only produce normal temperature adhesive. Jumei proposed to solve the problem that the torn paper of double-sided adhesive tape is not easy to buckle down

"one tear" tape may be the only wavy tape in the world. This research and development is unique in the world, and it is also the best tear tape in the world

what should I do? Xingkai, who studied medicine, thought of his own research and development. He and his partners began to learn polymer chemistry by themselves. With the help of an old professor, he developed a full temperature adhesive that can be effectively bonded at -20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃. Later, they developed wavy double-sided tape. Users can easily peel off the tape wearing gloves in the warehouse at minus 10 °. Because we use our own glue, this item alone can save millions of costs every year

"tear it off, it's cool! It's really cool to use"! This series of improvements has won the recognition of more and more consumers and created more business opportunities

almost all the top 5 sellers of and have switched to one tear carton. Finally, after five iterations, the continuously improved "one tear carton" has brought back vipshop, which had been "abandoned". One tear has also been associated with three squirrels, Inman, Yunnan Baiyao, Thomson Beijian, L'Oreal, LETV, temple library, Dong'e Ejiao, Ah Fu essential oil, ink weather, Douban reading, logical thinking Zhangdefen space and hundreds of other customers have reached long-term cooperation, and now the number of dozens of customers per month is increasing

20 the following information should be understood in detail. On November 11, 2015, when the "yirend" carton appeared on the screen of Alibaba's "double 11" evening party as a sponsor, it immediately caused a lot of exclamation. After that, almost all the top 5 sellers on tmall and Taobao have switched to environmentally friendly express boxes supplied by Xingkai

in line with the concept of environmental protection, yirende has not only become the leader of hundreds of domestic e-commerce companies, but the mechanical packaging products have not been significantly improved. At the same time, it is also favored by many investment banks. Recently, Xingkai is busy with the second round of investment negotiations with several particularly large domestic funds. Once successful, this will be another financing after obtaining the ten million yuan Angel round financing of Lianchuang Yongxuan in June last year

to build China's largest carton supply chain, "yirende" has fully recruited cooperative carton factories

in the past two years, the labor cost has been rising, key customers have been pressing down prices, and the profit margin of the carton factory has gradually shrunk. Perhaps it is time to change the traditional packaging system in the Internet + era, and this is the innovator. The concept of "one order, national delivery" will completely overturn the traditional production and supply mode and break through the curse of supplying cartons with a transportation radius of 200 kilometers

"yirende" is attracting a large number of customers with innovative technologies. At the same time, it is also using the "Internet + carton factory" mode to cooperate with dozens of carton factories such as Sichuan Kangli group, Wuhan yadu group and Henan Huaying packaging to jointly build China's largest carton supply chain system. This "Internet + mode" gives carton manufacturers the opportunity to join the Internet link

it is learned that yidade supply chain system is opening the third phase entrance to accept suppliers

I. recruit partners of paper packaging enterprises I. Basic Requirements:

1. Model paper packaging enterprises within the region, and those with experience in cooperation with well-known brands are preferred

2. Be honest and trustworthy, abide by professional ethics and business ethics, and seek long-term cooperation

3. Strong sense of service and cooperation, willing to meet the needs of e-commerce platforms and improve their own shortcomings

4. Perfect production management process and strict quality management

5. Timely and accurate delivery, high production flexibility and rapid response

6. Smooth communication, transparent information, and Internet service awareness

II. Cooperation concept:

grow and develop together and become permanent strategic partners of each other

III. cooperation mode:

on the one hand, we have to adopt the OE (OEM) cooperation mode with our partners if oil leakage is found, and on the other hand, we have to provide the traditional paper packaging factory with a three in one supply chain product of platform, hardware and order. The base paper shall be purchased by the paper packaging factory, and the key materials such as double-sided adhesive tape and tear brace shall be provided by one tear

IV. cooperation process:

1. Fill in a torn supplier information questionnaire and ensure its authenticity and accuracy

2. Provide relevant certificates such as business license and affix official seal

3. Negotiate specific cooperation methods after passing the supplier qualification review

4. Sign the framework contract and learn the supplier training documents

5. Execute specific orders

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