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For consumers, autumn is undoubtedly a good season for decoration. And almost all the decoration people have a point of view: the decoration that has not done enough preparation will leave many regrets, so it is necessary to make preparations before construction

1. Go out and communicate more

good decoration cannot solve all problems with money. In addition to hardware preparation, it is also important to communicate more with designers and home decoration companies

fully understand the design style, home decoration market, construction, building materials and other aspects before decoration. When the market is still in the off-season, the main work of designers and building materials manufacturers is to reserve customers for the new round of upsurge. Owners should take this opportunity to communicate with designers face to face, and inform them of their ideas, basic family situation, residential population, favorite style and other relevant information in detail, so that designers can first produce a design sketch according to their needs

2. Seize the opportunity to buy building materials

the news that the price of building materials products will rise next year continues to appear in the newspapers. Therefore, before formally ordering products, consumers should know more about the product prices in different periods and seize the most appropriate time to place orders

decoration is a very trivial thing. There are dozens of materials that need to be understood in the decoration process, such as sand, cement, wires, water pipes, taps, floor drains, floors, tiles, latex paint, mud, wood panels, keels, etc., and each material has a variety of brands to choose from. For similar products, the prices of high-grade and low-grade products are quite different, and the quality and performance are also quite different. Even if you don't need to buy some materials by yourself, you should at least understand the basic knowledge, or go to the market to have a look, understand the brand, and compare the advantages and disadvantages

3. Take the opportunity to prepare your homework

read more magazines and books on decoration, and log in to various decoration websites on the Internet, which can fully cultivate your sense of the design of your new house and find what you want. You might as well choose two professional magazines to learn, and these cutting-edge magazines are also the best way for you to understand the latest materials and the latest design trends

while doing your homework, you should also be prepared mentally and tools. No matter how perfect and thoughtful the decoration plan is, you will still encounter troublesome things during the decoration. Therefore, it is very important to correct your mentality

tool preparation is also essential. Whether visiting the building materials market or recording decoration knowledge, product prices or the contact information of manufacturers, they need to be carefully recorded for reference. Therefore, this book and pen must be prepared and taken with you as much as possible. If you hold a calculator in your hand, you won't be afraid of profiteers setting traps on the total price. After negotiating the price with the merchant, you must use your own calculator to check all the total price again. If the total price is miscalculated, the hard-working unit price will be meaningless. In addition, don't forget to use a tape measure to measure furniture, cabinets, floors, etc. in short, you can't lose it at any time in the process of decoration

4. Make a good decoration budget

home decoration is a bottomless hole, and how much money can be filled in, so you must make a budget before preparing for decoration. If the overall style and decoration budget goals are clear, even if there is a price increase in some parts, the overall will not change much. Although blind purchase partially locks the price in advance, it may overspend on the whole because of poor brand grade

expenditure on major items such as flooring, sanitary products, furniture, household appliances, etc. should be determined according to their own economic strength. In addition, the budget is not only a rough estimate of the cost of various materials, but also the budget of some indoor decorations. Therefore, after understanding the market situation, we must have a slightly detailed budget. If the bathtub needs to have a shower or separate, it needs to be planned in advance




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