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Recently, Molike people all over the country are doing one thing in the heat - free door-to-door mite removal for old customers. Let's have a look

[old friend solicitation order]

feature 1: Molike old customers

feature 2: I hope Molike will come to the door for free to remove mites

Molike old friends with the above features, go to the local Molike store to make an appointment to remove mites as soon as possible

recently, Molike people all over the country are doing something hot in the world

-- free door-to-door mite removal for regular customers

Molike store in Mianyang, Sichuan

who says men are not careful enough

look at this guy below, smoothing the curtains one by one, and shaping while removing mites

mite removal service

Guangdong Shaoguan Molike store

Oh, my God,

this window is a little high, give me a ladder

remove mites while ironing

Molike store in Suining, Sichuan

curtains are not afraid of height,

stools and ladders are ready for battle,

you can always get them

in other words, am I beautiful

serious mite control

Hunan Yueyang Molike store

no one can stop my enthusiasm for mite control

please ignore brother's split

seriously eliminate mites

Gushi Molike store

this tenderness is like treating your own children

after mite removal service

this is a group of lovely Molike people

if you also want them to serve you

call the local Molike store quickly to make an appointment

at that time, they will come to your door in person

to remove mites for you free

Molike VIP customer service month

to Molike

a shopping experience

lifelong considerate service

Molike curtain has advanced production equipment and design team, under which there are weaving factories There are four modern chemical plants, Miantai factory, embroidery factory and finished product manufacturer. The huge R & D team integrates the cutting-edge design concepts into the five style series products of European charm, simple style, urban leisure, natural poetry and fashion elements. Every two seasons, 600 new products with original copyright are launched to keep your home at the forefront of the trend. The overall soft clothing categories such as curtains, wall coverings, window decorations and soft bags are well-known nationwide

(source: Molike official wechat)




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