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Tile, waterproof and door installation &hellip& hellip; After the completion of hydropower, the mud wood stage will be ushered in immediately. The joys and sorrows that occurred during this period made Miss Dong feel a lot. She wrote these in her diary and shared them with us. What can you read from it

house information: 89 ㎡

decoration style: simple pastoral

decoration method: half package

community: Shanghai Luojin Xinyuan

construction progress: mud wood project

construction period: 30 days

on September 13, 2013, gather your energy

carpenters and mud handyman masters have entered the site, and the little masters of water and electricity are also there. Everyone is in order! Wearing orange Jingyi overalls, everyone is very unified and energetic

after a while, half the wall of the toilet was built, and the carpenter was making the keel and ceiling. There was an episode in which the carpenter forgot to reserve the curtain position for us. He thought we were going to make the curtain with a simple pipe

simplicity is not equal to simplicity! And we didn't say simple style. So I communicated with Zhang Gong. The carpenter really forgot, so today's ceiling will be reworked. The materials for making curtain frames will arrive tomorrow

September 13, 2013 water pressure test

Zhang Gong arranged someone to test the water pressure. For the first time, the water pressure fell by 0.3MPa within five minutes. It turned out that the tap was dripping &hellip& hellip; So I retested and had a little shadow in my heart. The second time, the water meter hit 0.9 for half an hour, and fell by one grid, 0.05. I was told that there may be bubbles at the beginning or the water itself has a certain compressibility, OK! Qualified

September 17, 2013 hard bricklayer

today, the master of Panpan anti-theft door came to install the door. It used to cost 100 yuan to dismantle the old one &hellip& hellip; I've always wanted to buy Panpan's door. I came to measure it yesterday and install it today

the master of the removed door said it was green and hard to sell, so he didn't let him take it away, and gave it to the bricklayer. Hehe, the bricklayer is really hard, and he will work in my house tomorrow for the Mid Autumn Festival. It took an hour to install the door and adjusted it for a long time. It's really comfortable to look at the new door

in the evening, I sent some fresh meat moon cakes to the bricklayer master, who looked very happy and satisfied. It's really not easy to work, and people are very good and practical. He is our favorite teacher at present. People who are nearly 50 are still working hard. I hope the master will always be healthy and happy, and keep this original optimistic attitude

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