White, modern, simple and fashionable, not afraid

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Modern simple style is not suitable for everyone. The whole room space adopts white as the main color. Can you hold it?! 50 square meter fashionable small house type, with the clarity and warmth of modern simple style, makes you no longer afraid of the scorching sun in midsummer

the soft white fabric sofa is matched with the bright yellow and orange cushions, which perfectly reflects the elements of fashion and personality. The wooden square tea table looks very cordial. The flowers on the tea table exude a faint fragrance, which brings a fresh feeling to the living room

the fashionable white dining table and chair are full of comfort and elegance. The food and mellow wine on the table immediately enlivens the quiet atmosphere. The green transparent glass chandelier echoes the space

several pots of green potted plants are placed on the windowsill of the kitchen and the countertop of the cabinet, bringing vitality to the pure white kitchen. In addition to green plants, fresh fruit has also become an ornament. The iron bookshelf on the wall and the basic cooking books will definitely add highlights to your cooking skills

the background wall of the bedroom adopts red classical patterns, which is permeated with a soft and warm atmosphere, and the white bedding and storage cabinet also appear more spiritual and dynamic. The beautiful flowers and swaying candlesticks on the windowsill are all the romantic feelings of our houseowners





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