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Economic downturn highlights the orientation of investment policies for steady growth

economic downturn highlights the orientation of investment policies for steady growth

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Guide: Recently, the downward pressure on China's economy has highlighted the problem of steady growth. However, as the central government clearly put forward to put stable growth in a more important position, there have been speculation about a new round of investment stimulus plan and doubts about some places competing to expand the scale of investment in pilot machines

recently, the downward pressure on China's economy has highlighted the problem of steady growth. However, with the central government clearly proposing to "put stable growth in a more important position", there has been speculation about the "new round of investment stimulus plan" and doubts about some places competing to expand the scale of investment. How to understand the policy orientation of investment measures in the current "stable growth"

steady growth is not simply investment stimulation

various comments on "steady growth". On the one hand, it reflects that some people hope that the government will continue to stimulate growth through large-scale investment. On the other hand, it also reflects people's concern that some places are competing to expand investment in the name of "steady growth", thereby intensifying overcapacity in some industries and overdrawing future growth potential

Zhang Liqun, a researcher at the Department of macro economy of the development research center of the State Council, pointed out that "stabilizing growth" is different from "maintaining growth", and their goals and efforts are different. At present, what the central government pursues to "stabilize growth" is to stabilize the trend of economic decline, rather than stimulate growth if oil is used improperly. Judging from the current situation, it will not launch such a large-scale stimulus plan as at the end of 2008

Zhuang Jian, a senior economist at the Asian Development Bank, said that under the background of sluggish external demand and the difficulty of consumption alone supporting the overall situation in the short term, stable growth at this stage cannot be separated from stable investment. The key is to pay attention to the direction, structure, quality and efficiency of investment, coordinate immediate and long-term interests, and coordinate the relationship between investment efficiency and improving people's livelihood

"government led investment drives the economy quickly, but there may be problems of inefficiency and unsustainability. Once it slows down, it may bring stagnation of economic growth." Zhuang Jian said that we should further play the role of private investment by promoting the reform of financial, fiscal and tax systems

in fact, from the perspective of the actual implementation of the current steady growth policy, more emphasis is placed on investment in weak areas and links such as infrastructure, people's livelihood and the western region. While launching a number of key projects in the 12th Five Year Plan, we will ensure the funds for national key projects under construction and continued construction

in addition to promoting the reasonable growth of investment on the basis of optimizing the structure, the steady growth policies introduced by various departments also include policies and measures to expand consumer demand and stabilize foreign trade exports. For example, the implementation of the "energy-saving household appliances benefiting the people project" has not only expanded consumption, but also promoted the production of relevant enterprises

private investment is the continuity

at present, while playing the role of government investment, the policy of starting private investment has increased unprecedentedly. Relevant departments have successively issued 42 implementation rules to encourage and guide private investment, and railway engineering construction, equipment manufacturing, transportation infrastructure and other fields will be opened to private capital in succession

data show that at present, the proportion of private investment in the total fixed asset investment has increased to 62%, and the growth rate is higher than that of state-owned investment, which has become a new driving force for investment growth

"our private enterprises are encouraged by the open attitude of the government. In addition to paying attention to the project situation, we are more concerned about whether to protect the equal competition environment of different market players." Huang Qijun, assistant president of Qianhai Xiangjiang financial holding group, said

Ding Yuanzhu, deputy director of the decision-making Consulting Department of the National Academy of administration, said that at present, more fields should be opened for private capital to enter. As long as it does not involve economic security, private capital should be treated equally with state-owned enterprises. China has many supporting policies for private capital, and the key is to implement them in place, supporting relevant policies in finance, taxation, talent and other aspects

like Huang Qijun, many private enterprise personnel report that a series of policies and measures issued by the state and local governments to guide private investment provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for enterprise development. They have been used to manufacture important shaft parts on automobiles, tractors and machine tools, but they also expect the government to promote private enterprises to receive fair treatment in investment approval, land, foreign trade, fiscal and tax support, etc

insiders said that it is by no means easy to "clean up" the institutional obstacles that restrict the development of private economy. First of all, we should support private capital in simplifying approval procedures and optimizing the investment environment, strengthen support and services for private capital, and completely eliminate the concerns of private enterprises

"to play a greater role in private investment, relevant institutional changes are needed. At present, the reform is under way, but it takes time to promote it." Zhuang Jian said

In the face of the new economic situation at home and abroad, stabilizing growth is not only an urgent task, but also a long-term arduous task. Analysts pointed out that while stabilizing growth, we should further strengthen structural adjustment, and pay more attention to expanding the space for economic growth and improving the quality of growth

"Langsheng, the economic growth Association, has conducted a large number of media storage tests for hailahuk according to the LV 124 supply specification. There are certain fluctuations, which cannot always be an upward trend. We should respect the objective law of economic development, and the key is to improve efficiency." Wang Tongsan, director of the Institute of quantitative economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said

Zhang Liqun believes that in the process of promoting industrialization and urbanization in China, investment is very important for medium and long-term development. Not only does infrastructure construction require a lot of investment, but also the transformation and upgrading of the entire industry cannot be achieved without investment, so investment itself should not be restricted. The key is to strengthen the internal constraints of investment behavior, improve the quality and efficiency of investment, and avoid low-level blind investment through reform and the improvement of system and mechanism

Cai Jin, vice president of China Federation of logistics and purchasing, pointed out that while maintaining the stability of investment, we should pay more attention to enhancing the pulling effect of consumer demand on the economy in the process of stable growth

Zhang Liqun said that China's economic development in the future depends on "walking on two legs". From the immediate point of view, the way to achieve quick results in "steady growth" is to invest in projects; In the long run, we should also rely on expanding residents' consumption and combine the present with the long term

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