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Zoomlion Park Economic Corridor belt: Hunan rural rising new towns

Zoomlion Park Economic Corridor belt: Hunan rural rising new towns

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Guide: in recent years, Zoomlion Heavy Industry, a construction machinery giant located in the central region of China, has an open attitude and intends to promote the industrial layout in cities and towns, creating a 267 kilometer industrial corridor facing the west of Changsha. Taking the industrial corridor as the platform, Zoomlion leads the new industrialization in Central China, which has become a push

in recent years, Zoomlion, a construction machinery giant located in the central region of China, with an open attitude, intends to promote the industrial layout in cities and towns, and has created a 267 km long industrial corridor facing the west of Changsha. Taking the industrial corridor as the platform, Zoomlion led the new industrialization in Central China, which has become an important engine to promote the construction of new urbanization in Hunan, providing a source of power for Hunan Province to speed up the pace of "quality-benefit" development

"leading" the new urbanization in Central China

as the pacesetter in promoting new industrialization in Hunan Province and an important carrier to promote the rise of central China, after more than 20 years of development, Zoomlion has become the benchmark of economic development and social progress in Hunan and even central China, and has taken on the important task of catching up and taking the lead in the construction of new urbanization

in recent years, Zoomlion intends to sink industrial agglomeration to small towns in counties and urban areas in industrial layout in order to drive local economic development. The data shows that Zoomlion's industrial parks in Hunan are currently distributed in 4 prefecture level cities and 12 counties and urban areas, and have become an important support for the industry of Changsha, Yiyang, Changde and other three cities, and the main financial source of 107 counties and urban areas, among which 5 counties and urban areas are the largest fiscal pillars. A "linear" industrial corridor with Changsha as the center, radiating the surrounding areas and driving the whole province has risen in the central region

"relying on cities and towns to carry out industrial layout, not only allows enterprises to taste the sweetness, but also allows the local urban system to expand and accelerate development, reflecting the benign interaction between new industrialization and urbanization. From this, we deeply realize that industrial agglomeration in cities and towns has broad space and great potential. Industrial agglomeration, people's hearts are stable; industrial agglomeration, financial resources are gathered." Zhan Chunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, said in an interview

in order to personally experience the earth shaking changes brought by the development of Zoomlion to the urbanization construction of counties and urban areas, I entered this Hanshou high tech Zone in Changde and was inadvertently infected by the entrepreneurial atmosphere of the park

the advanced equipment manufacturing industry with Zoomlion as the leader and machinery industry as the characteristics leads the development of industrial clusters; The leather industrial park led by Jiuxing group has become a "new engine" for later development to catch up; The biomedical industry led by konerjia is becoming an "acceleration" to help the economic development of the park; Real estate enterprises focusing on Xintiandi group have sprung up

talking about the benefits brought by Zoomlion's entry into Hanshou Park, Yang Wu, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Hanshou high tech Industrial Park, said: "Before Zoomlion entered the park in 2006, through the tensile test of polymer film, the production and entertainment of catering, housing nuts), inclined planes, eccentric wheels, levers and so on in Hanshou high tech Zone were almost blank. However, in the six years from 2006 to 2012, in terms of market groups, Hanshou high tech Zone has two market markets, 50 catering, 2 real estate properties have opened and settled, and urban transportation has been connected with national highways and provinces Roads are fully connected, water pipes are laid to every household, and pipeline gas has covered the whole region. The high-quality and efficient development of Zoomlion has brought great agglomeration effect to cities and towns! "

in recent years, in order to create a good development atmosphere, Zoomlion has adhered to the development strategy of new industrialization driving new urbanization. Whether it is building industrial corridors or establishing industrial bases, each base of Zoomlion has driven the local formation of an industrial cluster, promoted the development of supporting industries, services and employment in small and medium-sized towns, and laid a solid foundation for the leapfrog development of small and medium-sized towns

at the same time, Zoomlion has actively "built a nest and attracted Phoenix" by providing various preferential policies and treatments, attracting a large number of innovative talents and stirring the "living water" of innovation and entrepreneurship in its park. Zoomlion park has become a hot land for innovation and Entrepreneurship of science and technology leaders in various industries

with a strong innovation and entrepreneurship atmosphere and abundant high-end scientific and technological talent resources, Zoomlion Hanshou park has grown into a core area of industrial agglomeration

as the assistant to the chairman of Zoomlion, tengmingyou is mainly responsible for the daily contact and overall planning of several parks in Changde of Zoomlion. He told that Zoomlion's entry into Changde has not only driven the development of Hanshou, an agricultural county, but also the development of guanxi Park, which he is most proud of. In 2012, the output value of Zoomlion Guanxi Park was as high as 12.9 billion yuan. The park and supporting enterprises have created 78.1% of the town's total industrial output value and 67.4% of the tax revenue, driving 153 local supporting enterprises, and 3. 5% of the residents of guanxi town Among the 50000 people in xutu, 90% of the labor force has achieved local employment

the park is the belt, and the industrial new town is the evidence.

how will the construction of Zoomlion's industrial parks in cities, counties and districts change the coordinates of the new countryside? The rising new towns on the Zoomlion industrial corridor and their significance may be answered

it is reported that on this industrial corridor, there is a Zhonglian park every other distance, and each park has led to the formation of a small cluster. From Lugu of Changsha high tech Zone to Ningxiang, to the east of Yiyang, to Yuanjiang City, to Hanshou County, to Deshan, to Dingcheng, to Linli, to Tianjin - Zoomlion has such a long industrial layout. Today, the largest industrial enterprise in Yiyang is Zoomlion; In addition to cigarette factories, Changde is also called Zoomlion. Zoomlion, which injects vitality into the economic development of industrial new towns, has become a "booster" for the construction of new urbanization in Hunan

relying on small and medium-sized cities and towns, Zoomlion aims at the broad market space, rich human resources and large space for maneuver and adjustment required by industrial development. According to Zhan Chunxin's prediction at the national "two sessions" this year, "according to the development strategy of the enterprise, Zoomlion will reach 200billion in three to five years, so the scale of each park in this industrial corridor will be more than 10 billion, and finally" build a park, gather a number of industries, form a number of new towns, and prosper the economy of one party. "

if the 267 kilometer "industrial corridor" is the "Ribbon" of Zoomlion's layout of emerging industrialization, then this industrial new town rising along the "industrial corridor" is undoubtedly a shining "Pearl" embedded in this "Ribbon"

tengmingyou said, "in recent years, Zoomlion intends to cluster industries to cities and towns, which has a particularly obvious pulling effect on the industrial development of small and medium-sized cities and towns in Hunan. The 267 kilometer industrial corridor created is a sample of the integration of new industrialization and urbanization in Hunan and even the whole country, and has explored a new path for the province to promote the construction of new urbanization."

in this area, Hanshou new town has a unique scenery. Since Zoomlion entered Hanshou in 2009, in just three years, the industrial output value of Hanshou has increased from 400million yuan to 8.62 billion yuan, and the proportion of primary, secondary and tertiary industries has also changed from 29%, 30% and 31% in 2010 to 23% and 35% in 2012 42% "The automobile business accounts for a large proportion of aoshengde's overall sales, and the urbanization rate has increased from 23% five years ago to 40%. An industrial new town has taken shape.

now, standing in the office building of Zoomlion Lugu Industrial Park, overlooking the west, modern plants with metal texture are interspersed with the rising new town. Modern industry and new agriculture complement each other, fully demonstrating Zoomlion's new industrialization and new towns The perfect integration of

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