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Affected by the economic crisis, the development of pure MDI industry encountered difficulties

affected by the economic crisis last year, the number of orders of shoemaking enterprises decreased significantly in 2009, and the operation situation was generally not ideal. Affected by this, the demand for sole stock and size in 2009 was difficult to increase. The increase of short-distance electric transportation terminals of sole stock solution and the sluggish demand for slurry have directly affected the market demand for pure MDI of upstream raw materials, which has greatly reduced the development of pure MDI industry in 2009

recently, Mr. Ge Zijian, MDI analyst of PWC consulting, was interviewed about the development of pure MDI. In the interview, MDI analyst Ge Zijian said that at present, there are two main aspects that restrict the development of pure MDI: first, the imbalance between supply and demand; Second, the MDI industry is in urgent need of transformation and increasing the research and development of innovative products

the rapid expansion of demand is the most important foundation for the rapid development of pure MDI industry in recent 10 years, but this year, demand has become the biggest factor affecting the development of pure MDI, which has seriously hindered the development of pure MDI industry. First of all, the downstream demand is insufficient. In the first half of the year, the overall operation of pure MDI devices in China was not high, and enterprises are controlling shipments to cope with the weak demand. At the same time, the lack of demand highlights and growth potential also plagues MDI production enterprises; Secondly, the weakness of market demand makes the growth rate of all links of the industrial chain out of sync, making the pure MDI overcapacity serious situation; Thirdly, the competitiveness of substitutes cannot be ignored. To a certain extent, pure MDI related substitute products devour part of the market share of pure MDI, and to a certain extent, affect the supply of pure MDI to the downstream, which should be highly valued by MDI insiders

the brutal competitive environment has exposed that the entire industrial chain is in urgent need of transformation and technological upgrading. Ge Zijian, an MDI analyst, said that first of all, not only downstream enterprises need to improve their competitiveness through transformation and technological upgrading, but pure MDI also needs to constantly improve and expand the application field and improve product performance. Therefore, M is welcomed by parents and students, and di production enterprises should strengthen innovation and research and development; Secondly, upstream and downstream enterprises need to be more closely combined to form a broader sense of overall competitiveness, which will help enterprises in all links develop better and more synchronously

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