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Economic and Trade Commission: it will clean up foreign-funded photosensitive material enterprises established in violation of regulations. According to China's State Economic and Trade Commission, the government will clean up foreign-funded photosensitive material enterprises established in violation of regulations around the country and strengthen relevant management

according to the Interim Provisions for guiding the direction of foreign investment and the catalogue for guiding foreign investment industries issued by the State Planning Commission, the State Economic and Trade Commission and the Ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation in June 1995, the production of photosensitive materials is a restricted foreign-invested project. The relevant departments of Guangdong Province and Zhuhai City approved the establishment of Zhuhai Zhenke photosensitive material production Co., Ltd., a foreign-invested photosensitive material production enterprise, in October of that year without submitting it to the competent department of the State Council for examination and approval and filing according to the prescribed procedures. Three years later, the proportion of domestic and export sales was adjusted in violation of regulations, resulting in the establishment of the enterprise in violation of regulations and beyond the scope of operation

in this regard, the State Economic and Trade Commission has issued a special document to circulate a notice of criticism, and said it would strengthen the relevant normative management

according to relevant officials from the industrial policy department of the State Economic and Trade Commission, The provisions on guiding the direction of foreign investment promulgated by the State Council in February this year stipulates: "According to the current approval authority, the conditions for conditioning the room temperature to reach the working conditions of the pendulum impact testing machine, foreign-invested projects shall be approved and filed by the development planning department and the economic and trade department according to the nature of the project; the contracts and articles of association of foreign-invested enterprises shall be approved and filed by the foreign economic and trade department. Among them, foreign-invested projects below the limit of the restricted category shall be approved by the corresponding competent departments of the people's governments of provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government and cities specifically designated in the state plan, and Report to the superior competent department and industry competent department for filing, and the approval power of such projects shall not be delegated ", "For a foreign-invested project approved in violation of these Provisions, the higher examination and approval authority shall cancel it within 30 working days from the date of receiving the filing documents of the project, and the vibration test is an indispensable tool to help your products leap into the ranks of high quality. Its contract and articles of association are invalid, the enterprise registration authority will not register, and the customs will not handle import and export procedures". The new catalogue for the guidance of foreign investment industries, which has been implemented since April 1, also continues to stipulate that the production of photographic materials is restricted to foreign investment industries

accordingly, the state will clean up foreign-invested photosensitive material production enterprises established in violation of the examination and approval. In areas with problems, the relevant departments should immediately stop the establishment of enterprises in violation of the rules, and re perform the examination and approval of such enterprises within a time limit, as well as many filing procedures for manhole cover pressure testing machines on the market. (China News Service)

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