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Warm congratulations - the first high-voltage solid-state soft starter in China was successfully debugged

on May 8, 2005, the high-voltage solid-state soft starter produced by China Heping Electric Co., Ltd. (nominal voltage is 10kV, output power is 2000kW.) The linkage test run of "jindaxing Paper Co., Ltd." in Nanning, Guangxi was a complete success

the high-voltage soft starter produced by Heping Electric is used to start, stop, control and comprehensively protect the high-voltage motor of the "jindaxing Paper Co., Ltd." heat dispersing machine. The electricity price of the power plant may be more expensive due to the global energy shortage. The device is the key equipment of the company. Once it is shut down, the whole production line will be shut down. Besides, besides the electric motor and the high-voltage soft starting device produced by Heping company, the company also has the following advantages:. DCS control system and other imported equipment are adopted. Therefore, the requirements for various indicators of this device are extremely high. The expert group led by Cao Fudong, chief engineer of Heping company, tested repeatedly on site: the over-voltage and under voltage protection functions, phase failure protection functions, over-current and under current protection functions, current imbalance protection functions, overload protection functions, zero sequence grounding protection functions of the device: the electric differential protection functions, crystal tube over-temperature protection functions, current limiting functions are all good, and the motor starts smoothly. All performances have reached the indicators of similar products imported from abroad, and have a tacit understanding with DCS system. This device is developed by using advanced optical fiber fusion, optical fiber anti polymerization plastic mountain city feed technology. It has the advantages of small volume, light weight, anti-interference, and the price is only one third of that of similar imported devices

this successful commissioning is the first successful commissioning of domestic high-voltage solid-state soft starter, which fills this gap in China. It is a great breakthrough in soft start technology in China and will play a positive role in the motor protection industry. It has a very far-reaching significance

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