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Cong Hong, chairman of Wazhou: tell the story of independent innovation of Chinese enterprises

Cong Hong, chairman of Wazhou: tell the story of independent innovation of Chinese enterprises

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"create a new engine for development, let the 'four drivers' work together, and stimulate the internal power and vitality of the development of old industrial bases." This is the maintenance of the universal experimental machine, mainly the maintenance of the main engine, the maintenance of the oil source and the maintenance of the control system: the content of the provincial government work report. Cong Hong, a deputy to the provincial people's Congress and chairman of Wazhou group, has a deep understanding of this: "for enterprises, innovation drive is really very important. In recent years, it is precisely because we rely on independent innovation that we have broken our own sky in the face of brutal market competition, and tell the story of Chinese enterprises with good products."

"last year, we developed a super large bearing with an outer diameter of 11 meters for the world's largest reclaimer for a foreign enterprise. The customer's requirements were very strict, and the specified error was 0.5 mm. Finally, we achieved an error of only 0.3 mm. Foreign enterprises admired it, and the product was a hit abroad. This product not only filled the domestic gap, but also created 12 Chinese firsts." At the Dalian delegation's deliberation venue of the 12th Provincial People's Congress, which was relatively long due to the development time of technology, Cong Hong told the story of enterprises relying on independent innovation and products occupying the international market, which was a realistic version of the enterprise story of "breaking out of the encirclement", and the participants felt very angry after listening to it

in recent years, foreign brands have accelerated the pace of entering the Chinese market, and the competition in the bearing industry has shown a localization trend. Multinational bearing companies have completed the market and enterprise layout in China, and have built 60 factories and R & D institutions in China. More than 80% of the domestic high-end bearing market is monopolized by multinational bearing companies. The competition in the bearing industry has reached the point of "bayonet popularity". Who can break through the layers of encirclement, who can obtain the right to exist. Cong Hong believes that enterprises must rely on technological breakthroughs and independent innovation to survive well and have "dignity". Through innovation driven, reform driven, market driven and industry standards higher than national standards, we will accelerate product upgrading and upgrading, and form new productivity, competitiveness and market share

"Wazhou has established a development strategy with 'breaking through high-end products and the international market as the main direction, and comprehensively implementing the commanding heights and internationalization strategy' as the core. Through structural adjustment and independent innovation, it has established three platforms, developed a large number of high-end products, and recaptured a number of high-end markets." Cong Hong said that the implementation of high-end is to produce alternative imported products. To break through internationalization is to copy the "backtrack" of Europe and the United States, so that Chinese products can occupy the European and American markets and compete for "jobs" with European and American enterprises. To this end, the company has established product R & D centers, logistics centers and sales centers in the United States. Last year, more than 900 new products were developed for the bearing, and 71% of the products were imported instead; The new products developed have broken the foreign technological monopoly, accounting for 45% of the market share; Improve the manufacturing strength of wind turbine bearings in line with the national experimental motor gas standard, and obtain a 65% share of Siemens' global market; The export of high-end automobile bearings has entered the main channel market of the three major automobile companies in the United States in batches. The position of the first bearing brand in China is more solid

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