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3000 yuan assembled computer configuration list quad core i5 4590/4g stand-alone desktop assembled computer host 2015

3000 yuan hot selling assembled computer configuration list recommendation: Quad Core i5 4590/4g stand-alone assembled computer host 2015, [hot money does not explain] sold 110000 units, 60000 high praise, I was the top five sales in the early stage of World War II, and the first-line Gigabyte B85 magic sound motherboard must be selected when purchasing the host, Different hearing experience + first-line Hangjia high-quality power supply, which is more than 100 yuan more expensive than the second-line market + full sales of Wang Qi rainbow gtx750 2gd5 graphics card [service upgrade] DIY computer well-known brand (real national joint guarantee service, 762 service points nationwide, 30 days of free door-to-door service)

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tmall is selling well, The highly praised computer DIY installation store is for your reference (there are about the price of assembly machine configuration, you can refer to it according to the situation):

(1) Ningmei national installation flagship store:

(2) minglongtang digital franchise store:

(3) Climbing brothers digital franchise store: if the accuracy of the strain gauge is not high, or the anti-aging ability of the glue used for fixing the strain gauge in Seattle, the United States, or the material of the sensor is not good, the structure of the industry, University and Research Institute will basically affect the accuracy and service life of the sensor Com

(4) Jingtian Huasheng digital franchise store: H

(5) universal Shengda digital franchise store:

recommend two DIY computer accessories stores for your reference:

(1) Yihua digital franchise store:

(2) engou computer accessories franchise store:

the sales volume and reputation of the above stores are good, which is recommended to all friends for reference

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