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With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the masses' awareness of environmental protection and health self-protection is also constantly improving. Green packaging, like other green products, is increasingly favored by people. Green packaging has become one of the most popular buzzwords. But what is green packaging? But it is a problem worthy of discussion and unified understanding. In order to develop green 1 straight steel bar winding and processing packaging on CNC lathe, we must have an objective and complete understanding of green packaging. So what is the connotation of green packaging, and how to define whether a packaging is green packaging

1. The basic connotation of green packaging

according to the viewpoint of "conducive to human sustainable development", in addition to the general characteristics of packaging (protecting commodities, facilitating the storage and transportation of commodities, and promoting the sales of commodities), an ideal green packaging should have the following three basic conditions, namely, safety and health, environmental protection, and resource conservation

(1) safety and health

safety and health here refers to that the packaging materials used must not cause toxicity to human health and meet the requirements of relevant health standards. Different commodities have different requirements for the safety and health performance of packaging materials. The safety and health performance is often of special significance for commodities such as food and drugs

(2) environmental protection

environmental protection refers to the adaptability of packaging to environmental protection, that is, packaging materials and their production process must adapt to the needs of environmental protection (it is required that packaging materials have good adaptability to environmental protection from the acquisition of raw materials to the production, processing, use and waste disposal of packaging materials after use, with little harm to the environment)

(3) saving resources

saving resources mainly refers to saving materials and energy. Of course, from a deep level, there is also the problem of saving human resources

safety and health are essential to protect people's health, so environmental protection and resource conservation are necessary measures to benefit the contemporary and future generations. Therefore, we can clearly say that if a package meets the above three basic conditions, it is green packaging. On the contrary, if it does not or does not fully meet the above three basic conditions, it cannot be called green packaging

2. The evaluation method of green packaging

takes the three rulers of safety and health, environmental protection and resource conservation as the standard, and applies the method of "life cycle analysis" to analyze, which is an objective and scientific evaluation method of green packaging

the so-called "life cycle analysis due to the micro heterogeneity of ceramic microstructure", that is, the whole process from the acquisition of raw materials of packaging materials to the production, processing, use and waste disposal after use (that is, the whole "life cycle" of packaging). Only the packaging that meets the basic requirements of safety and health, environmental protection and resource conservation at all stages of the whole "life cycle" is the green packaging we advocate. In the whole life cycle, if a certain stage or some stage does not meet the requirements of green packaging, it cannot be called green packaging materials. Effective measures must be taken to eliminate the problems existing in the links that do not meet the requirements of green packaging, that is, to do a good job of "greening" in order to turn it into green packaging materials

if you agree with the author and have a relatively complete understanding of green packaging, it is not difficult for us to find out the close relationship between green packaging and circular economy. Through the above analysis, we can clearly see that the development of green packaging must attach great importance to environmental issues. This includes effective waste disposal - advocating that packaging waste that can be reused should be recycled as much as possible, and those that cannot be reused should be treated harmlessly. In other words, green packaging itself includes the content of recycling, which is completely consistent with the requirements of circular economy. Mr. Shi Wanpeng, President of China Packaging Federation and honorary chairman of Circular Economy Committee of China Packaging Federation, In the speech at the founding meeting of the circular economy committee of China Packaging Federation, it was specifically mentioned that: "The establishment of the recycling economy professional committee of China Packaging Federation marks a far-reaching and substantive step for China's packaging industry to build a sustainable development society. The committee will integrate relevant resources in the packaging field, strive for the support of the government, scientific research institutions and social groups, and establish a" reduction, reuse and recycling "in the packaging industry with efficient utilization and recycling of resources as the core." The green packaging production, consumption and recycling system, which takes life cycle analysis as the development carrier and cleaner production as an important means, promotes the sustainable, rapid and healthy development of the packaging industry. At the same time, we will draw on the successful experience of other countries, draw on the strengths of others, and develop a set of solutions suitable for China's national conditions and the characteristics of the packaging industry. In order to ensure the sustainable and healthy development of the packaging industry on the premise of minimizing negative effects, we cannot follow the old path of "pollution first, treatment later" and "pollution while treatment" in developed countries. Extending the life cycle of packaging products, improving the recovery rate and recycling rate of packaging waste, and realizing the maximum social and economic benefits with the least resource consumption and environmental cost in the production of packaging products are the obligations of our generation, as well as the obligations of China Packaging Federation. "

when we develop green packaging, we must insist on using the method of life cycle analysis to think and deal with problems. For different packages, starting from their specific conditions, find out the main contradictions, that is, find out the main links of the gap between the specific packaging and the ideal green packaging in the whole life cycle, work against the main problems, and eliminate or significantly narrow the gap between them. For example, for paper packaging materials, the most important thing to pay attention to is the sewage treatment in the process of pulp production. Plastic packaging, production process I ① For ordinary metal and non-metal samples, the jaw of the fixture will not cause serious harm to the environment if it is in direct contact with the sample. What needs special attention is the disposal and utilization of packaging waste. However, for flexible packaging plastic packaging materials, especially those produced by dry compounding process, how to use additives that do little or no harm to the environment, and how to use so-called "environmental friendly additives" such as water agents, alcohol solvent adhesives, inks, etc. to replace environmentally neutral adhesives, inks, etc. containing fat soluble liquids or corrosive solvents that have a greater impact on the environment and human health, and adhesives, inks, etc. containing benzene solvents, Or using solvent-free compounding process, extrusion compounding process and other "clean production processes" with good adaptability to environmental protection to replace the dry compounding process to produce plastic flexible packaging materials is a problem that should be paid attention to. For another example, in the recycling and granulation process of waste plastic packaging materials, great attention should be paid to waste water treatment to prevent waste plastic packaging materials from re polluting the environment in the process of recycling. At the same time. We should also attach great importance to the rational application of recycling and rebirth of packaging waste, and do not use recycled materials to produce packaging materials for food and drugs, so as to ensure the safety and health performance of packaging materials for food and drugs. For degradable plastic packaging materials, we should pay special attention to the reliability of controllable degradation. In short, the work of green packaging must be carried out in a practical way in order to promote the process of human sustainable development and realize our original intention of developing green packaging

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