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Confusion of plastic drinking water buckets

last year, the production and sales of plastic drinking water buckets nationwide reached 20million. At the same time of rapid development, the four major puzzles of plastic drinking water bucket products, such as insufficient localization of raw materials, uneven quality, lack of industry standards, and poor recycling, are also increasingly exposed

raw material matching is the first problem to be solved. Since the introduction of foreign polycarbonate (PC) drinking water barrel production lines by Zhuhai Zhongfu Industrial Group Co., Ltd. in the 1990s, China has had different production lines in the 100 pull range of drinking plastic water barrels within 10 years, with a production capacity of more than 20million. However, as the performance of domestic food grade brand-new polycarbonate (PC) is still difficult to fully meet the requirements of issuing test reports for the production of plastic buckets, almost all enterprises that produce functional fossil graphene with potential structural characteristics are troubled by the shortage of raw materials

unstable product quality is the second development bottleneck. Although at present, the majority of buckets produced by regular manufacturers are still in the market, due to the intensified competition in the direct drinking water market and the high price of PC recently, some small water plants began to use waste bucket materials or even garbage materials to produce drinking buckets in pursuit of low cost. These products enter the market at a low price, which has seriously impacted the market of legitimate enterprises

in addition, the lack of industry standards also directly restricts the development of this market. Although the standard of polycarbonate (PC) drinking water tank has been implemented since 2000, and some provinces and cities have also formulated local standards, there are no national or industrial product standards and specifications for drinking water tanks made of pet barrels and other materials, and there is no prohibition against production and use, which makes departmental products vulnerable to quality problems

the poor recycling of waste drinking water barrels also poses hidden dangers to the whole industry. Although the drinking water bucket can be reused, it also has a service life. However, at present, there are no particularly good recycling measures for the damaged and obsolete PC drinking buckets, and there is no restriction on the reoperation procedures of the recycled products. The principle of the computer constant stress pressure testing machine conforms to the international standard iso679, the national standard gb/t17671- ⑴ 999 and the relevant policies and standards of the old national standard used in food packaging containers

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