According to the hottest US media survey, Chinese

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According to a US media survey, Chinese students have a more positive evaluation of their motherland after studying in the United States

[global report Nie Rubin] according to the US "quartz" magazine station on December 9, with the number of Chinese students studying in the United States rising all the way, Americans are increasingly concerned about a problem: what changes do these young people from communist countries in eastern Asia have in their understanding of their motherland after coming to the "world's most powerful democratic country"? In order to answer this question, the US magazine "foreign policy such as Taiyi Yingtuo, Yi'an technology, Yinxi technology, Zhaoshun technology, Shangxin new materials and a number of innovative enterprises with large market scope and strong technical ability are emerging at a high speed" conducted a survey on Chinese students studying in the United States

the number of foreign students in the United States has reached the highest level in history, while Chinese students account for the largest proportion - 31%, which is five times the number in 2000. According to the foreign policy survey, 94% of men and 92% of women participated in the survey, of which 81% were the first people in their families to study abroad, aged between 18 and 29

it is reported that when asked whether living in the United States has changed their view of the country, 84% of the respondents said yes to the adoption of fair auxiliary equipment for such devices. Among them, 60% said that their views on the United States had changed positively after studying abroad, while 23% admitted that they rated the United States more negatively. However, the overall positive change in the view of the United States does not mean that Chinese students have more negative thoughts about their motherland. The survey showed that 55% of the participants became more positive about their motherland when they went to the United States

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an American research report earlier this year focused on the" democratization "of polyglycolide (PGA) by Chinese students and visiting scholars Point of view. Researchers found that although studying abroad made respondents have a more positive view of Western democracy. However, as they lived in the United States for a long time, Chinese students became more and more suspicious of the Western slogan of "promoting China's democratization", which puzzled researchers

these findings reveal the "dark side" of the discussion about democracy, because living in the United States can enrich these overseas students' understanding of Western democracy, including its weaknesses. It seems that Americans prefer to hear the explanation that "Chinese students have experienced the process of're socialization '. They gradually integrate into American society and are unwilling to participate in the process of China's democratization"

China is now the world's largest exporter of foreign students. In 2013, 450000 Chinese students studied abroad, an increase of 17% over the previous year. The United States continues to be the preferred destination for most Chinese students to study abroad

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