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According to the report, the market scale of mobile security software in 2016 will reach 3.6 billion US dollars

on June 16, according to foreign media reports, according to the latest research report published by market research company juniper research, only 4% of smart and tablet computers currently have third-party security software installed, although the threat of device loss/theft, malware and viruses is growing steadily

however, by 2016, there are the following common types of individuals and enterprises stored on mobile devices: the growing range of data and the need to protect these devices will create a $3.6 billion opportunity for mobile security software providers

according to this mobile security business opportunity report, mobile security software hopes to help everyone and will soon become a necessary software for high-efficiency handheld devices like the security software in desktop computers and laptops. The increasing popularity of smart and tablet computers will make mobile security software indispensable, because many users have been used to accessing email, websites and transactions on the move, so they store more and more sensitive data

Nitin BHAS, the former of the purpose of this report, said that we believe that with the widespread emergence of security vulnerabilities in data centric mobile devices in the enterprise and consumer markets, the mobile security product market will become the mainstream market by the end of 2013. High profile safety warnings may enhance public awareness of this growing problem

the key points of this research report include:

by 2016, the enterprise tablet computer, smart and featured security software market will account for 69% of the total sales revenue of mobile security products

by 2016, 277million mobile devices will be installed with some form of protection software. CCID China informatization ()

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