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It is said that Chen Yongkai, the chairman of Dalian machine tool group, owed 22.4 billion yuan and was wanted

recently, a screenshot of a class a wanted notice issued by the Ministry of public security circulated, and the wanted object was Chen Yongkai, the chairman of Dalian machine tool group. On May 25, Dalian machine tool announced that it had not received relevant documents from the Ministry of public security in response to relevant reports. So far, Dalian machine tool has been pushed to the forefront again

once brilliant

you might as well take a look at the development history of Dalian machine tool

in February, 1947, Luda Industrial Company of the Kanto office received the Zhengji iron factory, which was founded in 1935, and changed its name to Guanghe iron factory, which was the prototype of Dalian machine tool factory

In August, 1948, after the reorganization of 12 public iron factories such as Dongjiu and Zhihua, Guanghe machinery factory was established based on Guanghe iron factory, which is subordinate to Kanto Industrial Company, which is the predecessor of Dalian machine tool factory

In 1951, Guanghe machinery factory was renamed as the 18th northeast machinery factory, under the leadership of the machinery bureau of the Ministry of industry of the Northeast People's government

In March, 1953, it was renamed as Dalian machine tool factory, which was under the leadership of the second machine industry administration bureau of the first Ministry of machine industry of the country

In November, 1995, with Dalian Machine Tool Plant as the core, the major enterprises in the machine tool industry in Dalian were merged to form Dalian machine tool group

in August 2000, Dalian Modular Machine Tool Research Institute, formerly under the Ministry of machinery industry, was integrated into Dalian machine tool group

there are two main reasons for the appearance: the first reason is the inaccurate indication of the experimental machine

in March 2004, Dalian machine tool group was restructured from a state-owned enterprise into a mixed economic enterprise

at the beginning of the founding of the people's Republic of China, Dalian machine tool group was one of the eighteen Arhats in the national machine tool industry in the early days of the founding of the people's Republic of China. Even in the subsequent development process, Dalian machine tool has also walked out of a path of integrated innovation with its own characteristics. The enterprise scale, technical level and manufacturing capacity have achieved rapid development, and the economy has achieved leapfrog growth. It has become the largest R & D and manufacturing base for modular machine tools, flexible manufacturing systems and complete sets of automation technology and equipment in China, and the pacesetter in China's machine tool industry

from 2000 to 2006, the sales revenue ranked first in the national machine tool industry for seven consecutive years, and won the four "top ten" enterprises in China's machine tool industry for seven consecutive years: sales revenue, numerical control output value, export foreign exchange earning, and careful brand creation; It has entered the top 500 Chinese enterprises for three consecutive years; In 2004, dmtg CNC machine tools produced by Dalian machine tool group won the Chinese famous brand products. In 2006, it ranked 8th in the world machine tool industry rankings

from 2007 to 2014, the sales revenue of Dalian machine tool exceeded 10 billion yuan for eight consecutive years, and it built factories overseas. It was once the leading enterprise ranking first in China's machine tool industry

restructuring or failure

in 2004, Dalian machine tool was restructured. The company changed from state-owned sole proprietorship to diversified investment and state-owned participation. Dalian machine tool retained only 20% of the state-owned equity, which was held by Dalian Industrial Assets Management Company (hereinafter referred to as "Dalian investment"), a company under the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Dalian, and the remaining 80% of the equity was transferred to social capital

the only three shareholders of Dalian machine tool are Dalian GAOJIN Technology Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dalian GAOJIN"), Dalian investment and Dalian Boyu Chuangshi Technology Development Co., Ltd

it is worth noting that Chen Yongkai, the legal representative and chairman of Dalian machine tool, holds 51.75% of the shares of Dalian GAOJIN, indirectly holds Dalian machine tool 3, and the national standard is the 3.52% equity we participated in the formulation, and is the actual controller of Dalian machine tool. After several equity changes, Dalian machine tool has also become a private holding enterprise from a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dalian SASAC

according to the available data, as of the end of March 2016, there were 7012 employees in Dalian Machine Tool Co., Ltd., with total assets of 24.996 billion yuan and net assets of 5.263 billion yuan (including a small number of FMS ⑴ metal material corrosion and wear testing machines, which are free abrasive wear testing machines, shareholder's equity of 3.174 billion yuan), and the asset liability ratio of 78.94%. From January to March 2016, the company achieved an operating revenue of 3.072 billion yuan and a total profit of 101 million yuan

however, in the second half of 2016, Dalian machine tool exposed a number of substantial defaults on bonds one after another

debt of 22.4 billion yuan

Dalian machine tool fell into bankruptcy and reorganization because of the debt hole. According to the data announced by Dalian machine tool in the inter-bank market, as of April 28 this year, a total of 114 creditors have declared their claims to the administrator, with a total amount of 22.422 billion yuan. Previously, a person from a relevant institution said that because Dalian machine tool was suspected of fabricating the response, it would be a key topic of concern for car enterprises and related enterprises. Collection, forging contracts and official seals and other ways defrauded a financial institution of 600million yuan in loans

the main business of Dalian machine tool is middle and low-end machine tools. Due to the weak technical barriers in the middle and low-end machine tool market, the entry threshold is low and the industry competition is fierce. As the market demand gradually turns to high-end CNC machine tools, the contradiction between supply and demand in the middle and low-end machine tool market is increasingly prominent, the overall profit space of the industry is constantly compressed, and the profitability of enterprises is reduced year by year. Dalian machine tool, which has invested billions of yuan to lay out its production base in China and jointly built a plant in Russia with Russia's largest gas meter manufacturer, is no longer prosperous under the influence of the cold international machine tool industry and the domestic economic downturn. It is in urgent need of funds but financing is blocked, causing a series of vicious cycle of debt crisis and devastation

due to the fact that many debts of Dalian machine tool are unable to be repaid when due, and the obvious lack of solvency, on May 10, Dalian machine tool announced that the manager of the company had submitted an application to the Dalian intermediate people's court, saying that due to the long time required for the audit, examination and evaluation of creditor's rights related to the company's reorganization, the strategic investors have not been determined yet, and other reasons, it requested to extend the submission time of the draft reorganization plan for three months from May 10, Submit the draft reorganization plan before August 10, 2018

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