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From the satellite, Chongqing Longshui Town: the town size is similar to that of Dazu urban area, which is rich in hardware. Longshui town is well-known in Chongqing. It is the famous "hometown of hardware" in the West. Because of its strong economic strength and large town size, it stands out among many townships in Chongqing districts and counties

(overview of Longshui town)

the scale of township towns in Chongqing districts and counties is relatively small, and towns with an area of about 1 square kilometer account for the vast majority, If there are two towns in the market, "we start from the basic principle of the copolymerization of carbon dioxide and propylene oxide for three square kilometers, it can be called outstanding. Longshui town is a town in Dazu District, not close to the urban area, but has developed into a town of more than 10 square kilometers (including the industrial zone), known as the largest town in Chongqing.

from the satellite map, we can intuitively see the town of Longshui town (also known as the town) There is not much difference with Dazu urban area, and the achievements of Longshui town are obvious to all

Zhuxi Town, adjacent to Longshui Town, is a small town with a built-up area of less than 1 square kilometer. Compared with Longshui Town, we can see that the gap is very large: Longshui is a small city, while Zhuxi town is a rural market

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Longshui town is one of the national key towns and one of the municipal central towns, with many honorary titles, and the population of the whole town exceeds 100000

Longshui has a long history, and its hardware industry has a long history, which can be traced back to the Tang and Song Dynasties, when Dazu stone carvings were built. Because chiseling requires a large number of ironware, Longshui has formed a market town famous for its iron digital display thermostatic water tank. Before and after liberation, Longshui town was directly under Dazu to open the oil return valve. There were only a few towns in Dazu County, and the rest were townships, which was enough to see the prosperity of Longshui

the planning of Longshui town is forward-looking. The standard City Avenue has opened the town skeleton, and most of them are two-way six lane roads. Compared with the general roads without a central line in towns, such roads have the shadow of the city

there is a "namesake" Longshui Lake scenic spot near Longshui Town, which is only about five kilometers away from Longshui town

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