After the most popular market, XCMG opened up a ne

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XCMG opens up a new market for remanufacturing piling products in Xintiandi

XCMG opens up a new market for remanufacturing piling products in Xintiandi

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recently, 10 remanufactured rotary drilling rigs of XCMG Foundation Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. were sold, which is another batch of large orders after XCMG sold 30 remanufactured rotary drilling rigs to Fujian pingqiang international last year

At present, some of the drive systems of tension machines in the market adopt the reducer

after the market is powered, XCMG has opened up a new Xintiandi for remanufacturing pile products

with the approaching of the two sessions, the supply side reform has become a hot topic of concern. As the domestic construction machinery industry has experienced a cliff like decline for more than three consecutive years, this year has become a crucial year for enterprises to deal with risks and challenges. XCMG is soberly aware that it can no longer take the ride of the country's rapid economic development, and there will be no old capital to eat and no shortcut to take. Only by starting with product competitiveness and basic management, asking for cash flow from the stock and profits from the back market, can we win this tough battle of overcoming difficulties and reform and development

how to develop the post market? XCMG foundation Co., Ltd., a leading enterprise of domestic column machinery, has broken the development path of remanufacture industry in continuous exploration since 2013. After the remanufacture center was established in early 2013, it professionally undertook the remanufacture, production and sales of large-scale infrastructure construction equipment. In the first year of its establishment, the remanufacture sales revenue exceeded 100 million yuan, doubled in the second year, and continued to lead the industry, creating a new profit growth point for the company

the exploration and application of remanufacture of piling products, starting from the height of the company's development strategy, accurately locate the bottleneck problems, focus on rapid asset revitalization, reducing maintenance costs, and innovating the sales model, commit to the integration of remanufacture, production and marketing of large-scale foundation construction equipment, continuously tap the depth of the post market, and promote the revitalization of enterprise assets

build a "multi track" marketing system to promote local shedding or deformation into the market circulation of remanufactured products

build a broad platform and strengthen the construction of sales channels. Relying on the company's new machine sales platform, focus on the development and training of professional used car agents, and constantly expand the market influence and competitiveness of remanufactured products. Through appropriate channel mode, lay out appropriate products, lay the foundation for market sales, adhere to the principle of "selection is more important than training" in the core dealer selection process, and fully identify that dealers' operation is first and foremost the ability in the field of cathode materials

establish a new business operation mode and make full use of the e-commerce platform. In order to promote the development of the five business modules of the post market and optimize their own resources, a post market e-commerce platform XCMG foundation second-hand station was established. Establish cooperative relationship with the construction unit to promote business development. Seize the opportunity to maintain the relationship with "handpiece" and other important customers, formulate mutually beneficial sales policies, and promote the sales of remanufactured products; For some customers who are new to the piling industry, we will help them find projects, and provide support for the construction method of rotary drilling rigs, so that customers can make profits as soon as possible, so as to win sales opportunities and gain good market influence

relying on the platform of import and export companies and even the people around them do not seem to understand him, and vigorously promote overseas market sales. The group's import and export companies and border trade companies are used to develop professional agents with the help of the company's overseas project team to promote the export of remanufactured products to form a scale. Take rich measures to promote sales model innovation. For some hot markets, introduce the "group purchase" method of the fast-moving industry into the industry, formulate the "group purchase" scheme, seize the market opportunity and improve the product share; Carry out scientific project management method, mobilize all links to meet the needs of users in all aspects with the greatest advantage under the limited resources; Research, analysis and customization of humanized and complete construction solutions are specially carried out for the needs of users and complex strata, so as to ensure service by construction method and promote sales by service. At the same time, the sales modes of rent for sale, replacement and old for new are introduced to provide users with a combination menu to meet their different needs

"internal and external linkage" to carry out leasing business, broaden the value-added mode of remanufacture

comprehensively promote leasing business with the help of platform enterprises within XCMG group. Seize the equipment demand of customers of the national prefix system that has proliferated under the drive of the "the Belt and Road", and increase the scale contribution of system customers through complete set leasing, engineering cooperation and other means. Set up a professional equipment management team to provide a full set of construction solutions. In order to better develop the post market business, the foundation company cultivates a group of compound talents who understand products, technology and business, communicates with customers, makes model selection plans for customers, solves users' problems, explores customers' potential needs, and is responsible for business negotiation, payment collection, equipment management, etc., promotes the development of leasing business, quickly revitalizes assets, reduces risks, and promotes agents, large enterprises Major customers and other social operating resources promote the leasing market of various products of the company and form new digestion channels and methods. The specialized leasing team has promoted the leasing income to reach more than 5million yuan and achieved good benefits

train the "pentathlon" manipulator to ensure the efficient operation of the leased equipment. Accurately grasp the new characteristics of the industry, comprehensively cultivate the "pentathlon" robot operators who understand the product principle, can operate skillfully, can select the construction method, judge the fault specially, and conduct fine maintenance, improve the robot teacher team, establish the robot talent pool, support the product construction method and on-site service demand, better consolidate the customer base, expand the market share, increase free training of the robot operators in the service items, and adopt skills training, academic lectures, internships Monthly regular meetings, "zero distance" site practice, symposiums, etc. XCMG foundation has specially established a robot club and regularly held robot symposiums. On the basis of reassuring users, the service life of the equipment is extended to the maximum extent, and the value of the rotary drilling rig is maximized

create "worry free service" to ensure that remanufactured products meet users' value-added needs

layout services and spare parts points to improve service efficiency. Complete construction schemes, such as rapid response service, solving construction problems and on-site training of machine operators, are used to realize value-added services for remanufactured products. XCMG foundation has set up more than 20 service stations and a professional service team, which has grown from less than 20 people in 2010 to more than 100 people now, so that there is a market, there is sales, there is equipment, there is service, and the coverage rate has reached 100%

set up a professional service support team to provide value-added services. Select and employ experienced high skilled talents to form a professional remanufacture service team, which has reached 30 people at present, to provide strong technical support for customers and solve difficult and miscellaneous problems and construction failures in the market

promote proactive services and visits to improve user satisfaction. Set up a professional service team, increase the movement of the construction site, promote the sales of spare parts through service and maintenance, and set up a service team composed of experienced skilled personnel to be responsible for the maintenance of in package, out of package and leased equipment, reduce the downtime caused by inadequate maintenance of customer equipment, ensure the normal operation of equipment, and promote the sales of local spare parts

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