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Market service after the successful development of Yituo (Luoyang) handling machinery

market service after the successful development of Yituo (Luoyang) handling machinery

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recently, the service department of Yituo (Luoyang) handling machinery has signed an enterprise forklift maintenance service outsourcing contract with Sinosteel luonai group. The contract stipulates that, The maintenance and repair services of all forklifts of Sinosteel luonai group are entrusted to the rear Market Service Department of Yituo (Luoyang) handling machinery Co., Ltd. in the form of general contracting to ensure the normal production needs of Sinosteel luonai group. This is another successful case after Yituo only change your mind (Luoyang) handling machinery Co., Ltd. developed forklift maintenance outsourcing service of YITUO Group

under the guidance of the golden service concept in recent years, Yituo (Luoyang) handling machinery Co., Ltd. 1. Due to the poor installation of experimental machines, the service scope has been extended from the traditional after-sales three guarantee service to the extended service after the three guarantee period. By providing customers with extended services such as maintenance, major repair and replacement of second-hand cars, customers can use forklifts without worry in an all-round way. On the basis of creating value for customers, it has also created benefits for the enterprise

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