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After the sale of electricity, the user service will be upgraded. The integrated energy service will gradually press the "refrigeration" button on the operation panel, and the active layout of power enterprises has opened a time window for the rapid development of the integrated energy service industry. The implementation and development of new business forms can not be separated from government management and policy norms. In this process, the corresponding government departments have a lot to do

in October 2017, the State Grid Corporation of China issued the opinions on developing comprehensive energy service business in provincial companies (hereinafter referred to as the opinions), requiring its provincial companies to seize the favorable opportunity of the energy revolution that Guangya aluminum plans to use three years ago to expand energy efficiency diagnosis, energy conservation transformation, energy monitoring and new energy power generation in parks, industrial enterprises and large public buildings, Gradually transform from power supplier to comprehensive energy service provider, and put forward the quantitative goal: by 2020, ensure that the whole company will achieve a cumulative business income of about 50billion yuan in the field of comprehensive energy services

as we all know, as the second of the world's top 500 enterprises, the State Grid Corporation of China has always focused on the construction and operation of electricity as its core business. This time, it quietly promoted the comprehensive energy service to the position of keeping pace with the transmission and distribution business, and defined the future development goals and key tasks. Obviously, it is not a fad

after the opinions were issued, the actions of the companies under State Grid in the field of integrated energy services were frequently reported in the newspapers. After years of dormancy, integrated energy services finally began to move towards the central stage

transformation is a general trend

multiple factors promote change

in many countries in the world, integrated energy services have experienced long-term exploration and development. Europe is the first region to put forward the concept of integrated energy system and put it into practice, with the largest investment and the fastest development. In the European Union's sixth (FP6) and seventh (FP7) science and technology framework plans, the research on energy synergy optimization and integrated energy system has been further deepened, and a number of projects with international influence have been launched one after another. In 2007, the United States promulgated the energy independence and Security Act (EISA), which requires that the major energy supply and consumption sectors of society must carry out comprehensive energy planning, and allocated US $650million in special support funds in the 2007-2012 fiscal year. In 2009, the cabinet committee of Canada issued guidance, which clearly pointed out the construction of a comprehensive community energy system covering the whole country. In Asia, Japan New Energy Co., Ltd. (NEDO) initiated the establishment of Japan Smart Community Alliance (jsca) in 2010, which is mainly committed to the research and demonstration of integrated energy community technology

in China, State Grid Tianjin, Jiangsu, Hunan and other provincial companies are trying to provide comprehensive services integrating electricity, water, gas, heat (cold) for users of public buildings, industrial enterprises, parks and other users, and have achieved good results. As early as 2010, China Southern Power Corporation established China Southern comprehensive energy technology Co., Ltd. to carry out clean energy development, comprehensive utilization of energy resources, energy-saving services and other businesses from upstream to downstream, from project investment, construction to operation. In addition, ENN has put forward the concept of universal energy, GCL group has deployed distributed micro energy, Alibaba has set foot in power and energy services, etc. these enterprises are all deploying integrated energy services or transforming to integrated energy services

generally speaking, the rise of integrated energy services in China is closely related to the changes in politics, economy, society, industry and technology. Politically, since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, economic and social development has always taken "people's yearning for a better life" as the goal of struggle, and improving the level and quality of energy use is undoubtedly an important task; Economically, with the deepening of the supply side structural reform, enterprises must expand new development space. Reducing operating costs through integrated services is one of the development directions; From a social point of view, the construction of ecological civilization urgently needs the optimization of the structure of the energy system to achieve intensive and efficient development; In terms of industry, with the deepening of the reform of energy system and mechanism, accelerating the liberalization of competitive links in the energy field such as power and natural gas will inevitably promote the fundamental transformation of energy production and consumption patterns and promote industrial integration; Technically, the popularization and application of IOT, big data, cloud computing, distributed energy, energy storage, etc. has brought about the deep integration of energy technology and interconnection technology, creating conditions for the construction of an innovative and intelligent comprehensive energy service system

it is particularly worth mentioning that after the issuance of several opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on further deepening the reform of the power system and its supporting documents, a new round of power reform kicked off, thousands of independent power selling companies entered the market, and three batches of about 500 incremental power distribution business pilots continued to be promoted. The power supply pattern originally dominated by power enterprises was gradually broken, providing an opportunity for the emergence of a large number of comprehensive energy service providers. Either the power distribution companies on the generation side or the power supply side, or the independent power distribution companies, are facing the problem of user service upgrading after power sales

in reality, the existing power enterprises have a leading edge in the comprehensive energy service market by virtue of their long-term power supply service network and service system, and the water, gas, heat (cold) supply enterprises also have a certain first mover advantage. However, this does not mean that other enterprises do not have the opportunity. For example, from international experience, there are communication enterprises involved in the field of comprehensive energy services

government management should be "operated"

as a new type of business and new model, the formation and development of comprehensive energy services cannot be separated from the support of policies. Market-oriented reform has always been based on the combination of government deregulation and appropriate norms

in order to promote industrial integration and mixed development, the first thing that government departments should do is to liberalize the control of relevant industries. With technological progress and industrial deregulation, the boundaries of electricity, water, gas and hot (cold) services can be gradually blurred. At present, the power sales business has been liberalized, and water supply, gas supply, heating (cooling) and communication services need to be liberalized at the same time. Only by liberalizing at the same time can all industries compete and integrate on the same starting line and level

accordingly, the government management system should also be reformed and adjusted. At present, electricity, water, gas and heat (cold) supply are regulated by different government departments, which is not conducive to policy coordination and management coordination. After the national two sessions in march2018, it is expected that China will usher in a new round of government management system reform. We can try to conduct relatively centralized and unified management of power, water, gas and heat (cold) supply or clarify the relevant interfaces of integrated energy services

after the management process is smoothed out, a very important work is to issue the comprehensive energy service specifications and standards. In the transformation from a single service to a number of integrated services, its service specifications and standards are bound to be restructured. In particular, departments with overlapping service contents should take overall consideration to avoid frequent "disturbing residents"

in addition, according to China's government management logic, industrial policy is essential. If there are still problems in guiding the development direction of the comprehensive energy service industry and promoting the upgrading of the industrial structure, efforts should be made in three aspects. First, encourage the application of new technologies. The supply of electricity, water, gas and heat (cold) involves not only integration but also interaction. It needs to use technologies such as Internet of things, big data, cloud computing, and even VR and AR to promote convenient and intelligent services. Second, promote equipment research and development. Unify and improve the existing centralized meter reading and communication equipment system, further integrate the decentralized meter reading channels of electricity, water, gas and heat (cold), and realize the unified meter reading and management of multiple energy meters, so as to realize centralized meter reading, joint charging, energy management and other services. Third, cultivate compound talents. Comprehensive energy services involve multiple industries and links, as well as information technology, intelligent hardware and other disciplines. It is necessary to cultivate a number of compound cross-border talents with one specialty and multiple abilities

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