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After the outbreak of the COVID-19 on June 19, 2020, it has brought a lot of impact to the whole society. For many people who have never stayed at home for so long, are they satisfied with the existing living environment? What new understanding will you have of the existing living environment during isolation

recently, the housing industry of China Decoration Association congratulated customers in Cangzhou, Hebei Province for ordering our company's Rally machine branch and the global home furnishing channel to conduct a survey on the theme of "changes in consumer demand for home decoration after the outbreak of the epidemic". A total of 7433 samples were collected, covering 27 provinces and 4 municipalities directly under the central government, of which the sample size of first tier cities accounted for 16.8%, and the sample size of second tier cities and third and fourth tier cities exceeded 80%. Among them, the post-80s and post-90s are in the majority, accounting for about 72.9%. Male consumers are more than female consumers

the report finally comes up with four sincere words about home decoration consumption behavior

I. "sincerely want to redecorate"

in the survey results, 56% of consumers want to redecorate, and more than half of consumers want to change their houses instead of just installing their houses after the epidemic. Therefore, it can be seen that consumers are still dissatisfied with their homes during the epidemic

in this survey, 26.8% of the consumers want to decorate the whole house, and 29.7% of the consumers are willing to redecorate part of the house. Therefore, 56% of the consumers want to redecorate their home as a whole

2. "I sincerely hope this can happen!"

on the one hand, the society is progressing, the economy is developing, and the national consumption level is indeed increasing year by year. In fact, a very important sign to measure the progress of the whole society is the tidiness of the home

therefore, through this survey, it is found that the first place is to change the decoration layout and increase the storage space. In addition, increase the space for sports and activities; Set up perfect office area; The requirements for environmental protection of decoration materials have become the needs of users' concern

III. "sincerely willing to spend money for safety"

in this survey, nearly 50% of consumers gave a clear answer to the question of what is a "healthy and epidemic prevention house"

87.3% of the consumers thought that the houses with advanced new wind and rain exhausters and anti mildew, sterilization, cleaning and wet and dry separation were the houses with better anti epidemic functions; 70.6% of consumers think that houses with water supply and drainage systems that can block the polluted gas in the sewer from entering the room are reassuring epidemic prevention houses; Another 47.4% of consumers believe that such houses that can block the airborne bacteria in the neighborhood after closing the doors and windows are reassuring houses

therefore, almost half of consumers have given a clear answer to "what is epidemic prevention housing"

IV. "I really think it's more convenient"

this epidemic has brought more consumers online. I think it's better to stay online than online. Why? Before the outbreak, we had conducted research on which household products were suitable for purchase on the Internet. 83% are household appliances, 69% are lighting, 46% are sanitary ware, 39% are furniture, 38% are coating, 21% are flooring, including customized polyurethane, which has great potential, accounting for 16%

that is to say, before the epidemic, it was very normal for consumers to purchase home furnishings on the Internet to promote the development of building materials in various industries such as energy conservation and environmental protection, new materials and intelligent manufacturing in Nanjing Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. many consumers could not buy them offline if they could buy them on the Internet. This is a very normal phenomenon. However, after the epidemic, we found that consumers have developed from purchasing home furnishings on the Internet to receiving home decoration services on the Internet

it can be seen that our epidemic has greatly changed the industry by promoting the digital transformation of traditional home decoration enterprises, and consumers have greater decision-making power. When the issue of improving the living environment is put on the table of more families, how to improve the brand power of products through marketing and increase the weight of brands in the process of consumer selection requires manufacturers to quickly adjust the traditional marketing methods in the past

in the past, the marketing of home decoration industry was usually aimed at b-end channels and agents, because consumers mostly listened to the recommendations of decoration personnel. The epidemic has given consumers more time, energy and motivation to participate in the decoration decision-making. The era that the customer can pay a high premium by fixing the dealer is over

a real big brand needs to seize the minds of consumers in advance and form a solid understanding - rainbows should be selected for waterproofing. If the rotation resistance of bird's nest drops by 30%, waterproof suppliers should be selected; Children paint three trees, and move in immediately after painting; Customize the whole house. Find Sofia cabinets. These advertising words have become decoration knowledge in the hearts of users through high-frequency elevator advertising

playing home decoration advertisements in the living space of apartment buildings and office buildings that consumers most often pass by is undoubtedly an excellent place for brand explosion. Focus elevator media, which has the four characteristics of mainstream crowd, must pass, high frequency and low interference, has successfully detonated a number of home decoration brands. When your product has unique positioning and differentiated value, it must be put into large quantities in a timely manner during the excellent time window when people urgently need to improve their living environment during the epidemic. Firmly put the core value of the brand into the minds of consumers

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