After the return of the most popular Liu Guoliang,

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After liuguoliang's return, Guoping won two world champions in succession, and the Tokyo Olympic exhibition also won two world champions in the world aluminum industry with its unique platform advantages.

after liuguoliang's return, Guoping won two world champions in succession. The Tokyo Olympic hardware show

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original title: after liuguoliang's return, Guoping won two world champions in succession by injecting water to preload Guoping, Yesterday, fanzhendong won the World Cup Men's singles champion by defeating Bohr of the German team. This is also the world championship won by Guoping table tennis after a year. After liuguoliang left office, this champion was lost. As a result, especially after Liu Guoliang returned on September 29, 2014, Guoping won two important world championships in succession. Before that, Ding Ning won the World Cup women's singles championship

last month, the China Table Tennis Association announced that Liu Guoliang was in charge of the relevant work of the association, which also announced that Liu Guoliang officially returned to the national table tennis training center after a year and three months. After returning, Liu Guoliang went back to the national table tennis training center without stopping to communicate with the players and coaches. Liu Banyue said that she was still very kind when she came back, just like she came home. It can be seen that liuguoliang has deep feelings for Guoping

later, liuguoliang said that "fight Tokyo in 2020". There was a big change in the table tennis event of the Tokyo Olympic Games, that is, to add a mixed doubles event. Liuguoliang said that this gold medal is the most difficult to win, because only one pair of people can participate in it. Secondly, this is the first Olympic gold medal in table tennis, which is very challenging. However, liuguoliang is still very confident to win it. Of course, the ultimate goal of Guoping is to win five gold medals in table tennis at the Olympic Games

in fact, liuguoliang's return is also popular. Liuguoliang can be said to be the sea god needle of Guoping, the spiritual leader. As long as there is liuguoliang on the field, the players will be full of energy and fighting spirit. On the contrary, foreign athletes will be trembling. Just as Japanese team Ichikawa Jiachun said, "when director Liu comes back, the Chinese team will be stronger. We can only do well when we need to stop in an emergency."

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