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For the development of pump pipe valve equipment industry, the improvement of quality and efficiency in line with urban sewage treatment is not icing on the cake, but the core and key to the transformation and upgrading of upstream and downstream industrial chains. "The pump, pipe and valve industry will have a long transformation stage. On the one hand, the division of labor in the low-end supply chain will be gradually transferred. On the other hand, it is necessary to realize a PPP order for an infrastructure project worth

11.7 billion yuan. The construction content covers the construction of a new 1.5875mm comprehensive pipe gallery, drainage works and reclaimed water plant. The BOT operation mode is adopted... This is a water related bid from Wuhan recently. The bidders are quietly laying out again CITIC Construction Co., Ltd., Xinheng Yintong fund management (Beijing) Co., Ltd., China Railway 18th Bureau Group Co., Ltd., CCCC Second Harbor Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd., China urban and rural Holding Group Co., Ltd., and Beijing bishuiyuan Technology Co., Ltd., a consortium of "water environment treatment services + pipe gallery construction"

in the past two months, this upsurge in the construction of comprehensive pipe gallery with an investment volume of billions or even billions of yuan is not unique. In particular, from the first tier cities of Beijing and Shenzhen to the second and third tier cities and towns, it is not uncommon for multiple capital groups to compete, and the project investment amount is high. The momentum of industrial chain enterprises to kill back, manage, update and iterate is stronger than that in midsummer. This trend change can also be confirmed by the scene of some industry weathervane exhibition platforms such as the world environmental protection Council and the topics of related activities

is it allowed to add pigments and additives in the accelerated expansion or reverse the trend? The impact of the epidemic has not been completely dissipated. The fierce operation of "houlangers" has made the industry call "I can't understand"

the yardstick of intensified differentiation lies in whether they can survive.

under the impact of the epidemic, most enterprises are walking on thin ice, mainly because the pump and valve industry chain and value chain have changed

for the development of pump, pipe and valve equipment industry, the improvement of quality and efficiency in line with urban sewage treatment is not icing on the cake, but the core and key to the transformation and upgrading of upstream and downstream industrial chains. "The pump pipe valve industry will have a long transformation stage. On the one hand, the division of labor in the low-end supply chain will be gradually transferred, and on the other hand, it will be upgraded in the value chain."

"2020 is a year of reshuffle. Originally, those enterprises with high leverage can still maintain cash flow, but the sudden epidemic has disrupted the transaction rhythm and cash flow arrangement." This also means that the shuffle will be more obvious than that in 2019. This time, under the catalysis of the external environment, the industry has also directly crossed from the era of scale dividends to the stress test of strengthening operation and maintenance and efficiency, forcing enterprises to re-examine their own layout

in the words of many people in the industry who had previously communicated with the world environmental protection conference, "in the face of uncertainty, it is a long way to go to determine the strategic deployment." Such a dual evolution also forced all participants to start to change and stay open. As far as the independent brand of pump and valve is concerned, how to complete self appreciation and find the correct positioning in the new system is the key to explore and to the survival

"if you don't take the project, it means that the risk of survival is increased. If the resources in hand can't match the project, then 4. increase the length of the connecting line, or you may be eliminated." In the past, the wild era of relying on policy dividends and rule growth has gradually passed. Next, each market decision should not only depend on the industry cycle, but also combine its own characteristics. So far, it has become a "required course" for the current strategic layout of pump and valve enterprises around the development essence of "improving benefits and reducing costs"

leave the opportunity to the prepared "back waves"

some enterprises see the opportunity of "turning the corner" in the tide of integration


the current macro-economy is ushering in a new round of integration, which is also an opportunity for pump pipe valve enterprises to strengthen their brands and increase market penetration. "Although the regulation and external impact are still in progress, enterprises still have confidence in the comprehensive pipe gallery market with the promotion of urban sewage pipes as the core and are willing to do large-scale projects." After all, the key to driving the trillion water related demand in 2020 is to improve the water control efficiency. If you want to leverage the new space brought by improving quality and efficiency, you must not bypass the pump pipe valve

with the significant progress made in epidemic prevention and control, large-scale pipe gallery orders have been put forward in many places, and a number of top-level designs have gradually launched rescue policies for the energy-saving and environmental protection equipment industry. In addition, the recent loose market liquidity and orderly recovery of buyer demand have boosted the confidence of enterprises in acquiring projects. According to the analysis of the industry, the pump and valve equipment market is expected to accelerate the recovery in the second quarter under the continuous effect of the stability and continuity of the early policies, and such a warming signal can also be seen from the participation of enterprises in front-line industry exhibitions such as the world environmental protection conference

since April, the supply and demand ends of pump pipe valves have shown obvious signs of recovery. At the same time, enterprises in the industrial chain have begun to compete for strong layout. In fact, in the process of industry reshuffle, both enterprises and projects are facing integration. The industry believes that the low financing cost and strong resource acquisition ability brought by the scale advantage of leading enterprises will make it more and more difficult to enter the urban management and renewal. When the project investment threshold is raised, the financing difficulty of enterprises will increase, which will restrain investors who simply rely on "story telling"

some enterprises are being eclipsed; Some enterprises will emerge suddenly. On the one hand, Wuhan, which has a favorable policy, has almost attracted the attention of the backbone of the industry, and the combination of strong and strong forces has also become an important bargaining chip for taking orders. On the other hand, changes in the market environment will further promote independent enterprises to strive to improve technology and quality in order to seek new competitive advantages. This also means that many industries, including environmental governance, pipe gallery construction and pump pipe valves, are gradually maturing

although the pump, pipe and valve industry generally accepts the trend judgment that information technology and intelligent services will become the main content of the development of environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry including pump, pipe and valve in the future. But there is a premise that must be clear: manufacturing is the core. If you don't even do a good job in the most basic core, you can't talk about anything else. Only those enterprises with hard core and technology that can live longer and better will be the final winners

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