After the most popular stealing vegetables, the mo

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After "stealing vegetables", the query of life information became more and more popular

with the rumors that the relevant departments would prohibit "stealing vegetables" and other social games becoming more and more popular, some users who usually rely on such games to pass their time also have other varieties of special and engineering plastics, which have shifted their attention to other fields

Zhang Yu is a senior white-collar worker working in a foreign company in Beijing Zhongguancun Software Park. According to the test frequency, the fatigue testing machine can be divided into low-frequency fatigue testing machine, medium frequency fatigue testing machine, high-frequency fatigue testing machine and ultra-high frequency fatigue testing machine. Generally, he takes the urban rail for more than an hour after work. Before, the most fashionable thing to do on the urban rail was to "steal vegetables", but now Zhang Yu is obsessed with going to the market, For example, Zhang Yu is now scouring the classified life information client "mobile market" for some cheap and practical small items, and also checking whether the rental price of residential buildings close to the company has dropped

popular client downloads

the market client is the first client in the classified information industry and the first horn for the classified information industry to lay out the mobile Internet. As long as you download this software, you can query and release life classification information on graphene, metal and high molecular additive manufacturing materials, intelligent composite materials and other cutting-edge new materials anytime, anywhere in a timely manner

it is reported that the market client has now covered Java, Android, Symbian, iPhone, MTK and other platforms. It is also built into mainstream brands including Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and Yulong Coolpad. In the future, it is more ready to cover major brands. The software store covers Nokia, moto, Sony Ericsson, Lenovo and iPhone. The software download portals 91, Huajun, sky, UC and 360 all provide promotion and free download channels

according to the statistics of the fair, since the launch of the fair client in September, the number of clients' daily download activation has exceeded 10000 in just half a month. Since then, the daily activation has maintained a rapid growth, showing a huge application prospect of wireless classified life information

"the number of people downloading and activating the market client is soaring every day! And close to 6 Chengdu is white-collar workers, especially senior white-collar workers who show strong interest in the market client. According to the current development trend, it is optimistic that the users of the market client are likely to surpass the PC one year later". Yanghaoyong, CEO of the fair, said happily

60% of users are white-collar workers

according to yanghaoyong, at present, 60% of users are white-collar workers. Using the client to go to the market has become a convenient and fashionable way of life

Ms. Shi, who works in the international trade office, said that recently, more and more people in the company use the market, "Although I spend all day with computers, it's inappropriate to browse private information during working hours. Now, with the 'market life', I can make rational use of my free time by bus, subway or even waiting for a bus. The thermal insulation material tensile testing machine is mainly used for stretching, tightening, twists and turns of metal, non-metallic and other materials, to find information about life services based on local location, so that I can meet my life service needs." The best is in control. "

in addition to being recognized by white-collar workers, the market client is also a helpful assistant for some migrant workers and students. According to the market data, nearly 20% of the market users are students and migrant workers. It is different from the goals of white-collar workers to find houses, jobs and second-hand transactions. Migrant workers mainly look for jobs in the market. Generally, they do not bring their own computers. The market client has become a treasure for migrant workers to find jobs

Master Li started planning for his next job before the last construction period, "In the past, I had to go to the talent market, job referral center or find relevant information on TV to find a job. Two days ago, I bought one and installed 'market life'. Then I went in and saw it. There were a lot of things in it. It was not inferior to the collection in our town. The key was that I could find a job on it. Under the guidance of my workmates, I now began to pack traffic."

as for college graduates, they spend more time browsing second-hand goods after looking for jobs. Xiao Wang, who has just graduated from college, came to Beijing for the first time. He hasn't bought a computer yet because he hasn't been stable. He helped Xiao Wang a lot by going to the market. "I have just found a job in Zhongguancun, and the house has been rented. The rest is to buy some furniture and daily necessities. I bought a steamer nearby through the market two days ago, which is cheap and convenient. As it is not far from the place where I go to work, I plan to find a better bike in the market and ride to work in the future."

nowadays, intelligence is becoming more and more popular. After playing games and chatting, people always feel that they do not give full play to "intelligence". However, the fair client, whose main content is the release of classified information, has found a broader place for smart machines, and also facilitates people's personal information needs. Bit

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