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Shanghai Shengda united with sankeshu, Saint Gobain and Guolin wood industry to open a new marketing in the post epidemic era

Shanghai Shengda united with sankeshu, Saint Gobain and Guolin wood industry to open a new marketing in the post epidemic era

on May 18, 2020

in the post epidemic era, consumers' attention to healthy decoration and high-quality home environment reached a peak. Many of our customers have used the current market situation. On May 15, Shanghai Shengda, together with sankeshu, Saint Gobain and Guolin wood industry, jointly held a new product launch conference with the theme of "new products, new ideas and new future", aiming at health and quality keywords to build a good market

focusing on the health industry, the release of four major brand new products

the impact of the epidemic on home consumers has made "health" the primary concern of consumers. Formaldehyde is an important cause of cancer for home life, so the improvement of adhesives has also become the focus of enterprises. In response to the demands of consumers, Shanghai Shengda has launched a new environmentally friendly plate with plant soybean glue as the main adhesive

qiandongliang, CEO of Shanghai sonda board

according to qiandongliang, CEO of Shanghai sonda board, the plant soybean glue used in this new product is an all soybean based aldehyde free glue jointly developed by sonda and Zhongke Chaolu, which ensures the healthy properties of the board. Through the deep processing of soybean, the water resistance of soybean glue is solved, and the barrier property and viscosity are increased, so that soybean glue can be used as an adhesive for plate production. The test report shows that the soybean aldehyde free adhesive does not contain formaldehyde, and its strength and water resistance can reach the first-class level. Its formaldehyde emission is very low and can reach the most stringent F4 star standard

in addition, in terms of finishing, sonda imported wood veneer from Europe, which has three-dimensional texture and clear texture. In terms of core materials, the test report has also brought strong endorsement and affirmation to the new sonda bean plywood products, which can be widely used in a variety of scenarios of the whole house products

Shi Lianjun, general manager of new home materials business division of sankeshu

in response to the health needs of consumers, sankeshu launched a new sub brand Xiaosen Kechuang natural board. According to Shi Lianjun, general manager of new home materials business department of sankeshu, Komori natural Board focuses on the R & D, production, sales and construction of high-end healthy decorative boards, and serves people who pursue high-quality life. After five years of research and development, it was finally successfully launched

the production standard of Komori plate keeps pace with the world-class standard, pursues the balance between nature and art, and presents a life of creating beauty through science and technology. Facing the C-end consumers, Komori plate hopes to provide healthy and comfortable products. Facing the b-section supply chain, Komori natural plate hopes to become a plate supplier providing system solutions, focusing on building the customer's one-stop delivery ability

Shaobin, national sales director of Saint Gobain (China)

in addition to being healthy, Saint Gobain continues to adhere to the concept of delivering high-quality life to consumers. Shaobin, national sales director of Saint Gobain (China), said that the UAC light steel keel product launched this time can increase the antirust capacity of the keel by more than 10 times after using UAC technology, so as to ensure a longer service life. The golden appearance is more beautiful, with two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting technology to ensure product quality. In addition, Saint Gobain also launched a series of animal furniture waterproof boards, hoping to solve the problem of gypsum board cracking from the source and bring consumers a better use experience

Pengjun, the operation director of the Sixth Department of Guolin wood business, said that Guolin wood innovatively launched the "Ruyuan" brand, which is a national chain brand based on outdoor space decoration. With regard to garden decoration, although there are domestic enterprises taking the lead, they have not yet formed a scale, and the needs of customers are always in a state of dissatisfaction, including the design of the courtyard and the provision of building materials and products. The market space for courtyard construction is very huge. Your institute can provide strong backstage operation support, solve the problems of courtyard design, and provide corresponding services for the owners

joint voice, opening up a new situation in the auxiliary material market

the auxiliary material industry seems insignificant, but it has a great impact on the high-quality life of consumers. According to the introduction of Saint Gobain product leader, in the salt spray test of light steel keel, galvanizing often can not solve the problem of keel corrosion by HB 5287 ⑴ 996 metal data axial loading decadent test method. ⑥ the increase in the compressive strength of base paper cartons is likely to cause hidden dangers to the daily life of the owner. In terms of plates, coatings, etc., owners will also face a variety of "health risks", which is also an important reason why Shanghai Shengda and a number of enterprises jointly make sound for high-quality auxiliary materials

guests from the four major brands jointly took the stage at the 2020 new product strategy promotion ceremony

all along, manufacturers of auxiliary materials have paid more attention to the construction functionality of products, and have not paid much attention to the beauty of products. When the owner pays more and more attention to the appearance of products, the enterprise also needs to pay extra attention to the design and aesthetics of products on the premise of continuously improving the environmental protection and safety performance. All major brands hope to break the market pattern of traditional products in the auxiliary material industry with a subversive attitude, and closely match the new market demand by launching a series of new products

songshengliang, chairman of Shanghai Shengda board Co., Ltd.

songshengliang, chairman of Shanghai Shengda board Co., Ltd., said at the "2020 new product strategy promotion ceremony" that the rapid and healthy development of the building materials field over the years can not be separated from the full support of many people in the industry. In addition to improving products and providing consumers with high-quality products, enterprises should also think about how to tap market demand and feed back the society. The establishment of a one-stop distribution center for safe loading of auxiliary materials is the product of cost saving and better service to downstream industries. Rest assured clothing will enter the stores of every brand, and some manufacturers can only output the maximum strength to communicate with many designers, so as to achieve the best service and promotion, tide over the difficulties and grow together

in the post epidemic era, seize the industry reshuffle window period

in addition to following the market demand and launching products that meet the needs of consumers. Zhang Yongzhi, President of Youju new media and teacher of Tencent home, also said that this year, China is facing the "black swan" event of the COVID-19. For the home building materials industry, it is an accelerated reshuffle in which the strong are stronger and the weak are eliminated

general manager of Youju new media and Zhang Yongzhi of Tencent home

in view of the impact of the epidemic on the home industry, Zhang Yongzhi made two judgments: first, home consumption will not disappear, but will be late; Second, the overall impact will take June as the watershed, ushering in the outbreak of new demand. The epidemic has only intensified the speed of reshuffle, weak and small enterprises will be eliminated, and future enterprises will grow in uncertainty. Resisting the crisis is the fundamental for enterprises to become strong

since the real estate entered the cycle of downward and in-depth adjustment in 2017, the downstream household industry chain has also shown new characteristics, and the market has ushered in an inflection point. The overall market has entered an era of positive stock, structural growth, diversified channels and new retail. Faced with the impact of this epidemic, it is both a crisis and an opportunity. It is a rare opportunity for enterprises to accurately position themselves in the industry shock and launch health products that meet the needs of the times. Building materials enterprises should unite to tide over the current industry difficulties and grow into a stronger brand

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