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The bathroom is the most filthy place in the home, and it is also the place that needs to pay attention to Feng Shui most. So in Feng Shui, what Feng Shui is particular about the decoration of the bathroom? The following is the related articles, let's have a look

what's the Feng Shui in bathroom decoration

what's the Feng Shui in bathroom decoration? Pay attention to

first: the door-to-door layout of bathroom

the door of bathroom should be staggered with the door. From the perspective of Feng Shui, doors should not be arranged relative to each other. If people step into the house and face the door of the bathroom, it is indecent and impolite to the visiting guests, which will affect people's mood

II: layout of bathroom door and stove position

the door of bathroom should be staggered with the stove. The five elements in the bathroom belong to water, while the five elements in the stove belong to fire. Water and fire are mutually exclusive, which is not conducive to our journey

III: the shape of the toilet

the shape of the toilet should be regular. From the perspective of geomantic omen, any irregular shaped room will affect people's development prospects, and so will the bathroom. The common toilets are square and round, and the shape of such toilets is beneficial to people's development

IV: try to keep the air in the bathroom unobstructed

pay attention to ventilation in the bathroom. Because modern people often combine the bathroom and bathroom together, the water vapor in the bathroom is heavy. The best way is to set windows in the bathroom to ventilate and ventilate, so that the water vapor can be discharged smoothly. Otherwise, the turbid air sinks, and the air cannot flow, causing a sense of depression. The bathroom should be cleaned often and kept clean. As the most filthy place in the home, the bathroom also benefits people's health by paying attention to environmental sanitation

V: the light in the bathroom

attention should be paid to the selection of light. The light should be soft, but the washstand should set up an independent light source. In addition, due to the humidity in the bathroom, pay attention to safety when selecting lights. (geomantic www.azg168.cn)

What are the geomantic taboos in bathroom decoration?

indoor bathroom decoration geomantic taboo 1

the toilet should be located in the fierce side and white tiger position in the house, and the fierce side should not be located in the south. Because the toilet belongs to water, and the South belongs to fire. When water and fire collide, it will be detrimental to the people in the house, such as right and wrong, disease, money and blood, etc. As for what is the auspicious side and the evil side, you can consult the geomantic master

indoor toilet decoration Feng Shui taboo 2

there are 3 pages in total. Page 1 123 the next page. The toilet should not be set behind the God's throne, especially the toilet should not be behind the God's throne, and it is not allowed to flush the stove secretly. Nor can it be set in the kitchen, which will make people in the house prone to disease or difficult to recover from a long illness

indoor toilet decoration Feng Shui taboo III

toilet door should not be: it should not be directly opposite to the entrance of the door (the main tongue has many disasters, the business is not smooth, you can post smiling face photos on the toilet door), and it should not be opposed to the kitchen door, otherwise it will cause the phenomenon of water and fire, and it should not be directly opposite to the kitchen position (the housewife in the home is uneasy, which can be improved by the screen)

don't rush directly with the bedroom door (the owner is often ill), don't rush to the bed (head pain, waist pain, foot pain), don't rush to the desk or desk owner (restless), don't rush to the God's throne, ancestral God's throne (will commit villains), and don't rush to the Treasury (easy to consume money)

indoor toilet decoration Feng Shui taboo IV

the toilet door should be closed for a long time, and the foul gas in the toilet should not be allowed to flow out of the house. Foul gas is a kind of Qi evil, which has strong destructive power. It can reduce people's luck, clutter their thoughts, and cause diseases

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in the evening, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery on a beautiful day on the terrace, or you can have afternoon tea with three or five friends on weekends. If the terrace is properly arranged, you can also increase your luck. Why not

bright aquarium, look carefree

a low pool is bad for Feng Shui, while a high aquarium is a good choice. Square and rectangular aquariums, five elements belong to wood, while round aquariums, five elements belong to water. The above two kinds are the most common, and the other is in line with the moral of water, wood and water. In terms of Feng Shui, triangular aquarium and wavy aquarium are not suitable. What we must remember is: the big fish tank should be equipped with lights. A tank of dark water is there, which brings death. After the aquarium is equipped with lights, especially some plants such as water plants are cultivated. It seems that the light in the aquarium is bright and the air is circulating, so that people sitting next to it can be comfortable and forget their worries. Moreover, the fish in the aquarium are swimming, which can constantly stimulate the good aura

the terrace is not suitable for office

tables, chairs, reclining chairs, plus colored cushions, are very suitable for appearing on the terrace, creating a feeling of leisure and vacation. However, it's best not to put the desk on the terrace, because the terrace is an outdoor environment, and you can't get a good magnetic field in the house (Feng Shui generally believes that you should have a tile cover on your head before you live at home). If you work on the terrace, the effect will be greatly weakened, and there is no way to create a layout like Qinglong Qianwang

don't let the porch do you a disservice

many people will be frightened by a sentence that goes before and after, and money goes empty. There are always guests asking me: do you want to set up a porch to block it? And once good wealth is really blocked, it will waste a good house! There is a saying in geomantic circles called Shanze ventilation. As long as the Qi entering the door is auspicious in this yuan Yun, it can walk around the house. As for the terrace, of course, you need to have a clear view, but don't be afraid to open the door and see the terrace, or see the door on the terrace. Especially when decorating a new house, don't add a porch to yourself at the first time. Be sure to ask a trusted feng shui master to help calculate whether a porch is needed

water can be high but not low

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